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Central America Startups of the Year, Presented by HackerNoon and Brex

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Startups of the year is a community driven vote for this year’s startup of the year for every city in the world above 100k people.

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HackerNoon Startups Of The Year

The tech publishing company will host a vote for the best startups in 52 cities in Central America and Canada with over 100k people

By bringing together sponsors, awards, and functions to aggregate the will of the people, we hope to accelerate the growth paths for thousands of startups around the world.”
— David Smooke, HackerNoon CEO
GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA, August 12, 2021 / -- HackerNoon, the technology publishing company, in partnership with Brex, the company reimagining financial systems so growing businesses can realize their full potential, has launched a startup of the year vote for all cities in Central America and Canada above 100k people. The voting will last from now until Jan 22.

The HackerNoon editorial team has curated the first 508 Central America and Canada based startups as part of their larger initiative to name a startup of the year for all 4k cities worldwide with over 100k people. While nominations are still ongoing, to date 30,000 startups in total have been nominated.

"It's not easy to build a business," said HackerNoon CEO David Smooke. "More businesses should be celebrated for not only surviving but also thriving through a worldwide pandemic. By bringing together sponsors, awards, and functions to aggregate the will of the people, we hope to accelerate the growth paths for thousands of startups around the world."

This Startup of the Year experience is powered by HackerNoon's custom voting software, that previously powered Noonies 2019, Noonies 2020, and will be Noonies 2021, which is HackerNoon's annual awards for rewarding technology leaders worldwide.

The Noonies are an annual tech industry awards event, presented online by Hacker Noon, built to recognize and reward the most innovative people and products in technology today. Conceptualized in early 2019, Hacker Noon’s first annual Noonies celebrated the contributions of over 500 internally and publicly nominated technologists, thinkers, makers, and leaders in tech. Their third edition will run for an extended period of six months, with public nominations open since next month.

In the words of Storm Farell, HackerNoon’s full stack developer, “Startups is just a fork off the Noonies with a fresh lick o’ paint and some structural differences. But it’s powered by the same voting system.”

“We are proud to support this award and believe in HackerNoon’s overall mission of helping emerging companies build visibility and scale.” says Henrique Dubugras, Co-founder/CEO of Brex

For all nominated startups, Brex is offering free $300 on a Brex credit card.

One of the unexpected not only survivors but also thrivers in the startup world during the pandemic have been located in Central America. While startups across the world struggled to lend the security of VCs, Central America seemed to have doubled down on decentralization, with Costa Rican Decentral raising a whopping $5 million. With this are raising significant buzz surrounding decentralization, should the rest of the world listen and learn?

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