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Robert E. Lee Goodwin's Guide to Life after the Military: How to Find Work

General Robert E. Lee Goodwin III

General Robert E. Lee Goodwin III

Professor Robert Goodwin III Presenting Executive Leadership

Professor Robert Goodwin III Presenting Executive Leadership for the 21st Century Seminar2 - Caucasus University, Tbilisi, Georgia - 15 OCT 2010

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2021 / -- Serving in the military is one of the noblest things anyone can do. Military service helps protect the country from local and foreign threats, instills justice, and promotes democracy worldwide. But most people who join the military find it challenging after leaving it.

Robert E. Lee Goodwin, a retired general in the US army and Professor Emeritus of Caucasus University announced his guide to educate veterans on life after the military. The general teaches military vets how to find work, make money, and build a career that will last for decades and which their children can even inherit.

According to General Robert E. Lee Goodwin, the first step to finding work or starting a business after military service is for veterans to look for something they believe in. This will help build a solid foundation in which they can establish their business ideas and creativity, with the opportunity for growth in the future. Working on a job or business that one loves will provide a greater opportunity for survival.

Veterans need networking, association, communication, and proper orientation to know what opportunities are available. That's why they need to attend a Transition Assistance Program (TAP) that covers job search strategies, career exploration, resume building, and interview preparations. These workshops are very useful for preparing ex-soldiers for opportunities available to them in the workforce.

Another important issue that needs to be put into consideration has to do with transferable skills. Veterans are trained in military combat and other skills, and they have experience. Therefore, they can transfer these skills to other industries where their interests and desires lie.

General Robert E. Lee Goodwin also advises veterans to get additional training and skill acquisition to increase their employment chances. It will also improve their odds of getting jobs in places they didn't even expect. The general also advises veterans to learn how to adjust from military to corporate lifestyle to fit in. For example, they should avoid the temptation of using military jargon when speaking, addressing people as Sir or Ma'am, or using military time instead of the civilian. Veterans should also use their military experience as leverage to getting hired ahead of others. They should also focus and connect with recruiters that target military vets.

There are many opportunities out there for military veterans, but work needs to be done in personal development to get them. Veterans need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way to build a career that will last long.

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