WAR Family Foundation Declares it is Time to Pivot as a Matter of Fundamental Fairness

Each red dot is more than a hundred families on the registry

Child Collateral Damage

Pivot from annihilation to reasonable accountability and justice for all

Then I Circle the Pivot Point, The Point Right Before the Path Separates”
— Kasie West
ARNOLD, MO, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Families are living at the little ‘red dots’ seen on the map. Each dot represents one of the 917,000 men, women or children adjudicated for any one of a vast number of offenses. Those dots also represent almost three million wives, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, brothers, fathers, grandparents and so on. Our challenge to all who have ever made a mistake they regret deeply is to join us in pivoting from the annihilation of human beings to reasonable punishment followed by restoration. All children have the right to live without fear of harm. That includes children of those required to register.

When a person realizes they will never be free of past, current and what amounts to sanctioned future punishment that creates a profound sense of hopelessness. Why try to replicate a changed life if the stigma and hate prevail.

The cornerstone of a safer society hinges on child abuse prevention, physical and sexual, training programs which reiterate that over 95% of sexual abuse comes from family, friends, and trusted authority figures and not from people on a list which merely gives a false sense of security.

At the heart of the need is for communities to see the ripple effect of the judgment placed on the families of individuals required to register. The collateral damage is real, painful, and terrifying for family members. Reported scenarios are those of being harassed, threatened, beaten, murdered, homes set on fire, property damaged, passed over for scholarships, embarrassed when signs are placed in their yards, asked to leave the church. All these things turn the ripple into a tidal wave.

The major focal point must be redemption and reintegration as pointed out in the American Psychological Association (APA) paper ‘Why call someone by what we don’t want them to be.’

It is imperative that a pivot takes place to turn away from mass incarceration and long sentences in deplorable dilapidated facilities with disgusting food, mold, mice and less than stellar medical services and take a laser beam approach to the original design. That beginning day one of incarceration preparing them for reentry to include a job, place to live and a positive support system. That pertains to the 95% of those who will one day be released. Some with health issues due to situations previously described as well as poor or non-existent medical or dental care resulting in disabilities at taxpayer expense.

Help wanted signs are everywhere yet there is a shortage of applicants. When registered citizens apply they are not even considered due to being on the list resulting in fear for employers and human beings unable to provide for families.

It is time to pivot as a matter of fundamental fairness.

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