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Synergy meeting Surgery in Sydney

Ignite Medispa is a world-first located inside Wollongong Private Hospital in Greater Sydney.

The beautiful reception at Ignite Medispa.

Ignite Medispa offers cosmetic medicine, cosmetic surgery, general and cosmetic dentistry, beauty and skin-care, and relaxation and wellness services.

The different arms of the elegantly understated Ignite Medispa.

Skin tightening using Cynosure Tempsure by the lead surgeon.

Skin rejuvenation treatment by the medical director, Dr. Niro Sivathasan.

Australia is the first country to offer patients a cosmetic and dental medispa inside a hospital, combining medical, dental, surgical, spa and wellness services

Be Noticed, Not Known ®”
— Dr. Niro Sivathasan
SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, July 28, 2021 / -- Australia is the first country in the world to offer patients an aesthetic and dental medispa inside a hospital. The vision of combining cosmetic medical, dental, wellness and spa treatments under one roof has been realised at Ignite Medispa in Wollongong, on the southern outskirts of Sydney.

“As medical director I have a duty of care to ensure excellence in patient care,” says Ignite’s lead surgeon, Dr. Niro Sivathasan. “Central to that trust, first of all, is ensuring the safety of each treatment from skin care to surgery. Secondly, we need to be sure our patients understand their options, the potential risks and outcomes, and, ultimately, we want to ensure each patient is confident in their care and choices,” he says.

Having the medispa within Wollongong Private Hospital brings ready access to a team of medical experts. Whether there’s a need for a blood test, a review by a cardiologist, an ultrasound scan, or a pharmacy for medication, it’s just next door.


The sure-fire path to optimal outcomes is having everything in one place, under one roof, with one team and one point of contact for each patient. This is the essence of patient-centric care.

Traditionally, patients were on their own as they moved from one clinic to the next and were asked to choose between increasingly sophisticated technologies and treatments which could have permanent physical and psychological consequences. With thousands of combinations of invasive and non-invasive treatments now on offer, no patient can keep up to date with advances in science and technology, let alone the array of serums, vitamins, peels, or formulations. Nor should patients need to. Practically, it’s the duty of the aesthetic expert who has the ultimate insight and responsibility to map out the patient journey.


A rejuvenated face glows – it’s brighter, tighter and looks younger. That brings added attention to the teeth. It would be an odd juxtaposition if a patient presented with a fresh young face and aged, worn or discoloured teeth. The dental component of rejuvenation is critical as the overlying soft tissue drapes over the structure of the face and jaw.


Australian women are increasingly avoiding radical changes. They are realistic and understand miracle make-overs are the stuff of Instagram rather than the real world. Ignite’s philosophy is to slow down the ageing of the appearance by upholding the three principles of: maintenance and prevention; accentuation; and correction or restoration. A few examples are:
1. Preventative: dental maintenance and containment of wrinkling such as crows’ feet;
2. Accentuation: surgical procedures such as breast augmentation and non-surgical procedures such as lip fillers;
3. Correctional surgery: breast lifts, facelifts and tummy tucks.

Above all, when we provide advice, our starting point is: “if this were my wife, my mother, my brother, my friend…”


Following fleeting trends is neither in the best interest of the patient nor the clinic.

We look at the validated science, consider the individual patient’s circumstances, and we don’t pay attention to fads or ads; rather, we draw upon the extensive, combined experience of our professional team. In our view, it would most likely be irresponsible to give into a patient’s unrealistic demands. With so many different treatments on offer, Ignite’s patients are educated to appreciate the importance of not letting the tail wag the dog. Qualified medical and dental staff are in charge of treatments, and, as medical director, I have the ultimate responsibility for the well-being of all our patients.

It’s ethical and wiser to act in our patient’s best medical interest, even if other providers might capitulate to clients’ ill-informed beliefs and briefs.


Today’s gold-standard technology is frequently from the United States. Our dental equipment is from Dentsply-Sirona and our energy-based devices hail from top-tier, innovative companies, such as Apyx Medical, Candela Medical and Cynosure. These companies not only offer excellent training and support, but their products and outcomes are validated by medical leaders. Ongoing research and development ensure we meet international standards and deliver best practice that helps us remain at the forefront of the aesthetic industry.

Ignite was born out of a desire to provide a holistic, streamlined medical-grade environment. It’s in each patient’s best interest that our team of cosmetic physicians, surgeons, dentists, nurses and skin clinicians are all involved in realising the same goals: efficiency, efficacy, excellence and economy.


Dr. Sivathasan, fondly called Dr. Niro, completed his bachelor’s and medical degrees at King’s College London and University College London, respectively. Initially, he worked across a variety of surgical specialties, then focussed on plastic and burns surgery and on head and neck reconstruction. After a two-year advanced fellowship in general cosmetic surgery in Australia, he undertook a two-year 'super-specialty' fellowship in cosmetic penile surgery, and additional training in Europe and USA on body lifting and regenerative medicine, as well as acquiring a plethora of postgraduate qualifications.

Dr. Niro is also a senior trainer and key opinion leader for the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. Since 2014, he has published over 35 medical articles, spoken at numerous international conferences, written book chapters. He is a reviewer and editorial committee member for various medical journals in addition to being a designated Aviation Medical Examiner recognised by the Australian Government.

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