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Intrepid Networks Joins PSBN Innovation Alliance

Intrepid Networks joins PSBN Innovation Alliance to enhance cross-boarder communication, connectivity, and continuity for disaster responses.

This partnership will make cross-border and global communication, connectivity, and continuity better-positioned and more resilient during a disaster response.”
— Britt Kane, CEO of Intrepid Networks
ORLANDO , FLORIDA , USA, July 27, 2021 / -- The first responder governed PSBN Innovation Alliance (PIA)- providing Canadian public safety wireless data governance, international coordination, and strategy - is pleased to announce that Intrepid Networks has joined our rapidly growing and dynamic association as a valued advisor member.
Intrepid Networks is an industry-leading innovator - creating mission-critical situational awareness, communication, and collaboration technology platforms enabling first responders to streamline their access to critical information - when it is needed the most.

"This partnership will make cross-border and global communication, connectivity, and continuity better-positioned and more resilient during a disaster response," said Britt Kane, CEO of Intrepid Networks.

"The PSBN Innovation Alliance is founded by visionary first responder agencies with a strong membership comprising of active and innovative public safety agencies, critical infrastructure entities, and leading communications service providers. We are firm advocates for policies and solutions that help bridge the rural and remote broadband digital divide in Canada and enhance public safety through reliable and secure communications," said Peel Regional Police Deputy Chief Anthony Odoardi. "Intrepid Networks' contribution to the PSBN Innovation Alliance through their active membership is a win-win for public safety as we work together to forge policy, infrastructure, and solutions for Canadian First Responders."

"We are thrilled to have Intrepid Networks join the PSBN Innovation Alliance. Through the depth and breadth of their industry-leading expertise, cross-border communication, connectivity, and continuity will be better-positioned and more resilient during disaster response. We look forward to collaborating with them to strengthen mission-critical communications that ensure public safety for all," said Chief Stephen Tanner of the Halton Regional Police Service.

Background – PSBN Innovation Alliance

Formed in mid-2019, the PSBN Innovation Alliance ("PIA") is a not-for-profit association driving the development of secure, reliable data communications for First Responders.

Through the leadership of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, founding members of the PSBN Innovation Alliance (the Halton Regional Police Service, Peel Regional Police, City of Mississauga, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, and many others) work together as a not-for-profit entity advocating for public safety agency oversight of the Public Safety Broadband Network. Peel Regional Police Deputy Chief Anthony Odoardi is the Managing Director of the PSBN Innovation Alliance.

With a rapidly expanding membership of over 45 public and private partnership agencies, including first responders, critical infrastructure organizations, transit companies, and high-tech companies, the PIA is leading the way in shaping the Canadian governance framework required to successfully operationalize RF spectrum set aside for public safety, and continues to advocate for telecom policy that fosters the establishment of "always-available" mobile communications for Emergency Responders in support of their lifesaving mission.

The PIA's vision for effective Public Safety communications stems from a desire "To ensure Public Safety agency oversight and collaboration on strategic direction, initiatives, and operations surrounding a shared Municipal Public Safety LTE Core."

Background – Public Safety Broadband Network

Public safety communications needs have seen a rapid evolution and operational revolution in the past decade, with significant increases in the reliance on broadband data as a part of daily 911 emergency services. In fact, in our collective experience providing 911 emergency services, we know that data has become as important to 911 operations as voice communications. From text messages and data files to video and photos, through to new applications that provide for better field efficiency and coordination in their lifesaving mission to society – emergency responders require reliable access to data during the minutes and seconds that can make the difference between life and death.

Public safety agencies need telecom services that resiliently survive all manner of disasters - both human-made and natural - and the ability for communications to survive in the face of new modern issues, such as Cybersecurity attacks. Effective wireless data service is critical to effective emergency response, and in turn, to saving lives. Unfortunately, commercial broadband services around the world have been shown to provide a level of resiliency and reliability below the threshold required by first responders and critical infrastructure entities during times of need.

A Public Safety Broadband Network (PSBN) is a secure, high-speed, wireless broadband communications network that provides prioritized and exclusive access to wireless data for first responders and commercial critical infrastructure entities that underpin our modern digital society (e.g., electric utilities, rail and transportation networks, transit systems, energy, potable water control systems, airports, naval ports and more).

A PSBN encompasses the 4G and 5G wireless infrastructure, wireless spectrum, user gear, and associated systems that provide for a mission-critical grade of data delivery, so that first responders have access to critical data in moments of need – whenever and wherever they roam across Canada in their lifesaving efforts.

A PSBN is an essential step in securing the telecommunications infrastructure for Canada – at an optimal cost point – and in extending digital connectivity to underserved urban, rural, First Nations and remote areas and communities, to enable access to first responder emergency services and critical infrastructure partners. It is well-recognized that the chronic network coverage challenges and gaps remain in rural, remote, northern and Indigenous communities, and that emergency events know no geographical boundaries. A PSBN can help foster bridging this rural broadband divide where the current business case for commercial coverage is thin.

First responders depend on digital data to protect Canadians and improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of day-to-day mission-critical operations and 911 response to emergencies. The reliable, resilient, and cyber-secure delivery of digital data to first responders has become as important as traditional voice communications for effective frontline emergency response. A broadband system is needed that provides the same degree of resiliency and robustness as legacy two-way land mobile radio systems used by first responders today.

About Intrepid Networks

Our mission is to provide critical operational support to both government and commercial organizations so that team members can instantaneously communicate, collaborate, and coordinate. We offer both standard products for mission and business-critical operations and custom development for government agencies, including unique software applications, embedded firmware design, and low-cost communication hardware.

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