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Cybersecurity mitigates, Internet security resolves

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, US, July 21, 2021 / -- Delivering Internet security is the same as writing and debugging software. A bug cannot be ignored: If it is not fixed, IT IS NOT FIXED! Today’s mitigation-based cybersecurity model is riddled with bugs, all introduced by the same universal uncorrected Internet security mistake. Internet security demands mistakes be corrected, eliminating unnecessary risk. Cybersecurity demands mitigation repeating mistakes and introducing unnecessary risks. One model will succeed, the other averages $11.4 million per minute in cyber damage costs.

Every organization with a website and email has Public and Classified level cybersecurity because that is all the model supports. Cybersecurity has never secured anything! Cybersecurity deployed Risk Management rather than a Secure Internet Class. As a result, organizations commingled THEIR secure activity and data with everything else on the Internet in an unmanageable model.

Let’s face it, organizations need to perform an “Internet Security Assessment” rather than a Cybersecurity Assessment. At the very least, activity and data should be segregated into three security classes: Unclassified (public), Classified (data from public activity that must be secured) and Secure (organizational and authorized users only). Until something digital is defined “Organizational Secure”, there is nothing to secure.

Cybersecurity salespeople are not smarter than eons of security knowledge. Internet Security cannot be achieved in an unrestricted environment. Many “cybersecurity experts” are salespeople with configuration knowledge and no background or understanding of either computer science or security procedures. A security clearance means someone passed a background check. It does not mean they know squat about security. The proof, Cybersecurity sells:

1. An alleged “secure portal” on a marketing website - Unrestricted Access
2. A browser that content mines - third-party spying on secure activity
3. Single Factor Authentication for access control - data points and a guess

Internet Security restricts access to authorized users and requires PROOF of identity using an identification designed to directly assert existence. The identification directly connects to the organization’s Private Internet Facility eliminating unrestricted access, browsers, and content mining. Internet security will be achieved when cybersecurity is removed from Secure activity!

Internet Security is the Cybersecurity Solution

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