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EasyBusy is on a mission to reinvent productivity apps with support from its users



EasyBusy task management app

EasyBusy task management app

Supercharge productivity and stay motivated with powerful organizational tools, even when offline. The project is live on Kickstarter

SAN FRANCISCO, USA, July 19, 2021 / -- EasyBusy, a task management app that reimagines productivity, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the app's development. EasyBusy changes the way tasks and projects are captured and organized and syncs across all devices. The app is even available offline.

The EasyBusy team set out to build a task management app that wasn't like anything else on the market today. They wanted the app to be user-friendly and fast to use, let users be in full control of all the tasks and projects, and always know what to do next. They also wanted an app that was community-driven and based on what users want in a productivity app. To that end, the team created a feedback portal to submit new feature requests and vote on existing ones. The app's users will be in control of the future of the app and will decide what features will be developed.

"Other task management apps are usually either too opinionated and offer one strict way of doing things, or too flexible and configurable to the point that using it becomes a nightmare. Too often, we are forced to use multiple apps to get things done, and none of them can do all that we need," said one of the developers for EasyBusy. "EasyBusy strives to be the one app for all individual task and project management and note-taking needs. It offers flexibility in adding and organizing tasks and projects while keeping operations within a simple workflow."

What sets EasyBusy apart from other productivity apps is the ability to turn tasks, projects, and tags into nice-looking documents with checklists, headers, and links. Keep track of personal and work projects, hobbies, and anything else while separating tasks and projects into different contexts. By completing projects one step at a time with a powerful organization tool, productivity will increase.

EasyBusy takes the best features from other productivity apps and combines them into one convenient app. Users will no longer need to maintain separate apps for to-do lists, calendars, and notes. EasyBusy allows for the scheduling of one-time and recurring tasks to replace calendar apps. The powerful note-taking system turns on-the-go, office, or personal notes into well-organized documents easily located within the app. Notes can be attached to tasks, projects, or tags within the app.

Improve collaboration by sharing contexts, tasks, projects, and content with team members, family, or friends. Tasks and projects can be grouped by time and energy level, allowing users to find what to do next for the time available and current energy levels. See the big picture of projects on the timeline view to always be in control.

EasyBusy will be available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Rewards for backers include great early supporter discounts for a premium subscription to EasyBusy for various periods, including a lifetime subscription.

"We also offer preferred prioritizing of feature requests for the most generous backers, helping them to make the most impact on the future development of the app," said the EasyBusy developer.

EasyBusy has many features on the horizon that will be funded by the Kickstarter campaign, including Google Assistant and Alexa support, improvements in design and performance, videos, and blogs with best practices to be more productive with Easy Busy, and better tools for brainstorming and voting for new features.

The EasyBusy team notes that the Kickstarter campaigns' funding is "all or nothing." The project will only be funded if it reaches its declared funding goal. Therefore, the team asks all productivity enthusiasts to back the project and make this big vision a reality.

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