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Ransomware cure released by IronWeave – for enterprises, infrastructure, government

IronWeave's ransomware cure - website

IronWeave's ransomware cure - website

IronWeave logo

IronWeave logo

IronWeave - the only unlimited blockchain

IronWeave - the only unlimited blockchain

Recently-released IronWeave technology creates tamper-proof data at global scale, securing data against hackers or ransomware at the source

When we applied IronWeave technologies to the expanding threat of ransomware, we realized we could effectively inoculate computing systems against ransomware.”
— David Iseminger, Founder and CEO, Upheaval LLC
SEATTLE, WA, USA, July 16, 2021 / -- Upheaval LLC today announced a ransomware solution, using its patented IronWeave technologies, that can prevent enterprises, industries, and government systems from being affected or disabled by ransomware. Ransomware operates by locking data and systems with encryption, rendering them unusable until a ransom is paid. Using IronWeave, organizations can create data that is impossible to encrypt or otherwise tamper with by outside sources. Organizations using IronWeave can create secure and immutable data, at cloud scale and with military-grade encryption, thereby preventing outside encryption and ensuring data integrity and security.

IronWeave is different from all other ransomware solutions. Other ransomware solutions attempt to keep intruders out of your systems and data, or alert you – hopefully soon enough – after they’re in. But any such attempt at creating a secured border, physical or digital, is always subject to leaks or faulty patches, outdated guardians, unknown tunnels, or new lock-picks. IronWeave not only detects intruders, it ensure that their target – your data – is inherently secure and unalterable, including creation of multiple secure duplicates beyond their reach. IronWeave immutably secures the target of ransomware attacks, rather than just attempting to maintain a perimeter wall that’s constantly under siege.

“IronWeave has many unique capabilities,” said David Iseminger, Upheaval’s founder and CEO. “When we applied IronWeave technologies to the dire and expanding threat of ransomware, we realized we could effectively inoculate computing systems against ransomware.”

IronWeave was released in June of 2021 after three years of development. IronWeave is a patented blockchain platform with unparalleled scalability, security, and customization. IronWeave surpasses 1,600,000 transactions per second (TPS) on a single managed node, over 50 times more than Visa and MasterCard combined, with no limit to the number of simultaneously operating managed nodes. IronWeave’s shared-block architecture allows an unlimited number of blocks to be created in parallel, all in a unified and secure data fabric. With parallel block creation, no limit on the number of managed nodes, independence from any cloud provider, and unlimited custom block types and categories, IronWeave has unlimited scale and uses.

The statistics around ransomware are unsettling, and getting worse. In the United States the average cost of a data breach is $8.64 million, with an average 280 days to identify and contain a data breach. Global ransomware attacks increased by 435% between 2019 and 2020. In 2020, ransomware damage costs reached $20 billion, there were 304 million ransomware attacks worldwide, and the trend only appears to get worse: by 2025, Cybercrime is expected to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually.

When ransomware gains access to an organization's data, it also includes that organization’s partner data, sensitive customer information, employee information, and more – which means a single ransomware attack extends to anyone an organization interacts with digitally. Such damage isn’t limited to data, the ransom paid, or downtime; it extends to an organization’s reputation, its internal security, and its effectiveness as a commercial entity.

IronWeave was designed for enterprise scale and flexibility, and can integrate with existing systems on any platform, either as targeted incremental upgrades or on larger scale. IronWeave protects systems from ransomware, and also protects from accidental data damage, mishandling, or natural disaster. IronWeave includes built-in IoT integration and a rich set of APIs that can be used to protect any business, infrastructure, health care provider, government, or any computing system, using any modern programming language.

“IronWeave may seem like a simple answer to ransomware, but sometimes the most elegant and robust solutions come from understanding root cause, then solving for it.” said Iseminger. “There are countless papers on ransomware and massive efforts to counter it, all for good reason – it’s a scourge on our digital society and commerce. But sometimes such expansive efforts imagine an impossibly vast surface area and in the process, overlook the most straightforward solution: secure the source.”

Details about IronWeave and its ransomware cure, as well as other IronWeave solutions, are available at Media inquiries can be submitted using the dedicated Media Inquiries form on the website. Investors interested in learning more about Upheaval and IronWeave will also find an Investment Inquiries form on the site, where they can submit specific questions or interest.


Upheaval LLC was formed in 2017 and is the creator of IronWeave, the multi-dimensional blockchain platform running on its patented, shared-block architecture, creating a holistic blockchain data fabric. Upheaval has decades of expertise in global-scale enterprise software, networks and networking, protocols, and IoT implementations. Learn more at

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