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New resources from Pamela D Wilson are available for caregivers who fear discussing the stresses of caregiving responsibilities in the workplace and at home.

It is vitally important that caregivers receive training and education on topics that are pertinent to caregivers. We can say that she (Wilson) exceeded our expectations.”
— Jacqueline Musgrove Area Agency on Aging Allegheny County PA

GOLDEN, CO, USA, July 7, 2021 / -- Family and working caregivers seeking emotional and informational support can access an updated list of resources from a leading expert in the caregiving and aging field, Pamela D Wilson. To reach caregivers worldwide, Wilson’s embraces versatility in communicating and meeting the varying needs of caregivers.

Caregiving Decisions Hinge on the Lifestyle and Care Needs of Caregivers and Care Receivers

No caregiving situation is the same. Culture and family pressures weigh heavily on the primary caregiver, usually a daughter or a wife caring for an aging parent or husband. However, research confirms that the ability of older adults to remain in their homes is predominantly affected by their relationship with the primary caregiver.

While most adult children readily accept care responsibilities, as time passes, the needs of loved ones grow exponentially with each stage of caregiving. For family caregivers new to caregiving, the time demands can be daunting regardless of the caregiver's age.

Gen X and Millenial caregivers may be facing the demands of building a career and starting a family, while retired empty-nester caregivers may be thinking about relocating to a lower-cost retirement- or age-friendly community. Yet, for all caregivers, the disruptions of caring for an aging parent or a spouse can place time-sensitive or important life decisions in limbo indefinitely.

How can caregivers of all ages continue pursuing their goals while accepting the responsibilities of caring for aging parents?

According to Wilson, the key is receptivity to emotional and informational caregiver support programs. Adaptability and learning to manage the care of parents while relating this information to the life of the caregiver offers long-term benefits. Caregivers typically neglecting self-care can learn to embrace aspects of health and well-being.

Communication Methods Support Caregiver Success

While caregivers may be feeling stressed, time-pressured, and overwhelmed, communication methods that meet caregivers' schedules can effectively provide problem-solving support. For this reason, Wilson’s versatile means of reaching caregivers include videos, The Caring Generation® podcasts, The Caring Generation caregiver library, a blog, her book The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life's Unexpected Changes, online courses, support groups, monthly newsletters, and face-to-face communication.

Additionally, workplaces and groups identifying the needs of employee caregivers contact Wilson to create and host on-site and virtual education and caregiver Q&A programs. In-depth knowledge and broad experience on the topics of aging, caregiving, and health support positive two-way communication between Wilson and the caregivers she supports. In addition, over twenty years of dedicated direct support and fiduciary decision-making responsibility places Wilson in a rare position of making the decisions that many caregivers face. Few caregiving experts can make this claim.

Wilson’s YouTube channel is a popular communication vehicle with caregivers. She routinely creates videos to respond to questions or address situations posed by caregivers who connect with her on social media channels. She is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In. In addition, caregivers offer Pamela insights into their daily challenges through participation in her online caregiver support group and by completing the caregiver survey on her website.

Caregiver Support for Individuals, Corporations, and Groups

Wilson’s mission to reach one million caregivers worldwide is supported by her passion for working with groups and corporations to provide keynote speaking sessions—live or online, webinars, and unique online or on-site education programs. In addition, she supports family caregivers and aging adults through her caregiving library, videos, The Caring Generation podcast, and 1:1 telephone or online eldercare consultations.

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