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Upcycled Tech Provides Socially Impactful E-Waste Solutions

Upcycled Tech

Upcycled Tech

Converts discarded electronic devices into resources for education in Sri Lanka

JAFFNA, SRI LANKA, July 4, 2021 / -- Upcycled Tech seeks to improve the lives and wellbeing of underpriviledged individuals through beneficient upcycling of unwanted technological equipment and devices discarded by society. Upcycled Tech aims to establish itself in remote war torn villages in Sri Lanka’s Northern and Eastern Provinces.

Upcycled Tech up scales e-waste management with a social impact. Devices donated by various organisations- creates an environmentally sustainable IT solution that fascilitates access and pathways to virtual education for students in rural and remote villages in Sri Lanka.

“88% of 4 million computers in Australia every year will end up in a landfill. This contributes to the 140,000 or more tons of electronic waste generated by Australia every year,” according to Mr Sujan Selven (founder of Upcycled Tech). The gap between digitally included and excluded citizens in developing countries is also substantial and continuously growing.

Around 40 million electronic devices are discarded each year in Austalia. A significant portion of these can be refurbished, expanding their productive lifespan. E-waste is responsible for 70 % of the toxic chemicals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury found in landfills. It is growing at a rate x3 higher than any other waste stream and poses a huge burden to Australian waste management systems.

In Sri Lanka computer literacy rates remain low and suboptimal secondary to the lack of available technology infrastructure and education. It is estimated that the computer literacy rate in Sri Lanka is 30.1%, in comparison to Australia’s rate of >80 %. In the Eastern Province, only 14% of the population have access to electronic devices. In addition, school closures and mandatory Covid quarantining has further impacted negatively on education systems secondary to the lack of access to virtual learning in many parts of the country.

Upcycled Tech’s partnership with Payam Data Recovery (Australia’s largest data erasure and recovery center) provides privacy assurance as all sensitive data is removed from devices in compliance with Department of Defense standards prior to overseas shipment. Upcycled Tech has also successfully partnered with CleanTech (Sri Lanka’s premier licensed e-waste recycler), to ensure safe disposal of donated devices post reaching their full lifespan capacity.
Up Tech accepts functioning desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, monitors, printers, and scanners from any organisation, educational institution, or individual. Businesses can significantly save on e-waste disposal fees and transport costs by donating old electronic equipment whilst reducing e-waste footprint.

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