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The COVID Aftermath - Record Increase In Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction

AKUA Mind and Body is an addiction and mental health treatment center with multiple treatment locations, treatment modalities, and levels of care. San Diego, Orange County, Long Beach, Sacramento.

AKUA Mind and Body is an addiction and mental health treatment center with multiple treatment locations, treatment modalities, and levels of care.

AKUA Mind and Body - Customized Individual Treatment Plans

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, July 2, 2021 / -- During the recent COVID pandemic and the current COVID aftermath, most individuals have experienced extreme anxiety and depression. Mental health has been a hot topic during this pandemic; however, addiction to opioids and stimulant drugs has widely been pushed under the rug. Addiction, similar to mental health, has skyrocketed during these challenging times. With teletherapy making tremendous advances due to the “stay at home orders”, many individuals have “phoned” regarding their struggles with substance abuse. Although telemedicine is helpful, it leads to minimal physical interactions with mental health professionals and, as a result, is mainly used for outpatient treatment. Individuals who are currently suffering from an addiction or who have never received treatment most likely need a higher level of care that teletherapy cannot provide.  

The CDC reported in 2020 that addiction rates rose by 13% in the United States as a way to cope with the stress and negative emotions associated with COVID-19. Overdoses are also skyrocketing, increasing by 18% each year. 

AKUA Mind and Body is an addiction and mental health treatment center with multiple treatment locations, treatment modalities, and levels of care. Our staff has helped thousands of people through treatment and being their road to recovery. At AKUA Mind and Body, we incorporate the mind, body, and spirit into our holistic approach while blending clinical excellence and an integrative East-meets-West therapeutic process. AKUA’s integrative treatment approach combines Western evidence-based medication-assisted treatment with holistic treatments such as yoga and meditation. We also treat individuals diagnosed with a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder, known as co-occurring disorders. 

We customize individualized treatment plans for each client’s unique needs, paving the road to a successful recovery. We believe in treating the individual client rather than treating the disorder. Our individualized treatment plan includes:

Detoxification Programs - the elimination of any drugs or alcohol from the body under a controlled setting in order to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. Alcohol and drug detoxification is the first step in treating an individual with a substance use disorder.

Residential Treatment - Residential treatment (RTC) is a 24-hour intensive level of care for individuals who need substance use disorder or mental health treatment. Most clients entering residential rehab cannot refrain from using alcohol or drugs on their own. These individuals often struggle with cravings or are challenged by their underlying mental health disorder and need around-the-clock support and relapse prevention.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP) - The partial hospitalization program (PHP) at AKUA is geared towards clients who have completed inpatient drug detoxification and are now ready for a structured, focused addiction treatment program. Partial hospitalization treatment does not require 24-hour monitoring but does provide several all-day sessions throughout the week

Intensive Outpatient Program - The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at AKUA is perfect for clients who are in the early stages of their recovery, and may return to work, school, or other responsibilities on a part-time basis. IOP patients reside locally in a stable environment such as a sober living center, or at home with supportive loved ones.

Online PHP/IOP Treatment (teletherapy) - AKUA’s Virtual Mental Health and Substance Abuse Program replicates the same experience you can get through face-to-face individual and group therapy sessions. Clients may participate through an electronic device with Wi-Fi, such as a smartphone or laptop. 

Aftercare Alumni Program - The AKUA Mind & Body family is incredibly proud of our clients who complete our program. But the road of recovery doesn’t end with their discharge, nor does our treatment. Clients can participate in our Alumni Program free of charge and gain access to a network of previous graduates through our exclusive Alumni App.

We have four regional locations to serve you:

San Diego Addiction Treatment
Orange County Addiction Treatment
Sacramento Addiction Treatment
Long Beach Addiction Treatment

Recovery Starts Here!
If you or a loved one is struggling with a mental health disorder, a substance abuse disorder, AKUA Mind & Body can help. Our helpline is available 24/7, and our Admissions Counselors will help determine which program is right for you.
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