Fine Art Shippers Supports Russian Culture & Arts

Russian Culture & Arts

The NYC-based art logistics company Fine Art Shippers collaborates with many Russian artists, galleries, and museums to support Russian culture and arts.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, June 26, 2021 / -- The NYC-based art handling and shipping company Fine Art Shippers works closely with many Russian artists and galleries, supplying them with reliable and cost-effective art logistics services and helping them gain more recognition in the international art arena. Fine Art Shippers also supports museums and other institutions dedicated to Russian art by making donations, as well as takes part in a wide range of conferences and webinars aimed at preserving and promoting Russian culture and arts around the world.

Fine Art Shippers is a well-established art logistics company with headquarters in New York City. For over 25 years, Fine Art Shippers has been providing the art community and private collectors with professional art handling and art shipping services ranging from art packing and art transportation to art installation to art consulting. The company operates not only in the United States but also worldwide, shipping fine art and antiques to/from European countries, Canada, Latin America, China, United Arab Emirates, Russia, and more.

Fine Art Shippers has established close relationships with the Russian art community over the years. The company not only provides local artists, galleries, and museums with comprehensive art logistics services but also supports them in a variety of ways. One of their areas of activity directly relates to helping emerging Russian artists from different fields promote their art and enter the international art scene. Fine Art Shippers makes publications on different art blogs and platforms, helps organize exhibitions, and does many other things to support the emerging talents from Russia.

In addition to helping Russian artists, Fine Art Shippers collaborates with Russian galleries and museums on a variety of cultural projects. One of them is the Russian Icon Book created by the online gallery Russian Icon Collection and the Museum of the Russian Icon in Moscow. The company also participates in different international conferences and webinars dedicated to Russian culture and arts.

Fine Art Shippers supports Russian art both in Russia and the United States. In particular, the company makes donations to the Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to support the institution in pursuit of its mission, namely to promote understanding of the art, people, and history of Russia and adjacent territories. The Museum of Russian Art offers educational programs, cultural presentations, and outstanding exhibitions of Russian art to gain its goals and preserve Russian culture outside of Russia.

For more information about Fine Art Shippers, art logistics services in Russia and the United States, and the latest news from the fascinating world of Russian art, please visit the company’s website.

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