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LA City Council Candidate, Molly Basler, is the Only LA City Council Candidate Running a Green & Regenerative Campaign

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2021 / -- LA City Council Candidate, Molly Basler, is on a green mission and is calling out all LA politicians who have not been environmentally friendly. Basler believes a change is needed in the new age of campaigning, as normal campaigning can lead to harmful waste. Thus, she created the Green Dream Campaign as a way to spread this message and cause true change to LA and the world to be more environmentally friendly.

Basler states, "I am the only candidate that is running a regenerative and restorative campaign. All the candidates talk about the climate emergency but what are they doing about it? Campaigning is so wasteful with too much paper and plastic and over the top in wasteful practices rather than adhering to regenerative/restorative practices. Let’s create a new way of campaigning."

The Green Dream campaign mission is a call to action for all Democratic clubs in Los Angeles. All Democratic institutions in Los Angeles and surrounding areas in all of California should go green and sustainable by 2022. The Green Dream Campaign took a green pledge to follow 9 green Code of Ethics that will ensure that their actions are green and sustainable.

"We as a party, and as a community that supports helping the climate emergency, need to be leaders and lead by example, states Basler. "It's not the speeches we make, it’s the actions we take. We know better, let’s do better."

The Green Dream Campaign Code of Ethics:

o Ban single use plastics and opt for washable, reusable containers, utensils and use Repurpose products all made from plants
o Provide and or educate and encourage people to bring their own utensils, containers, water bottles, etc.

o Use sustainable venues for events and meetings whenever possible
o LEED Certified for exp.
o Meetings or events hosted in homes – make efforts to provide reusable cutlery, cups, and recycling / compost receptacles

o Utilize 100% post consumer waste paper for all brochures and flyers
o Try to limit the amount of printed literature, flyers, notices, etc. (take a picture of a flyer versus grabbing one to reduce waste)
o Ensure that all literature, flyers, notices, brochures, etc. are printed using the front and back of the paper and feature the recycle logo
o Use your tablets and power points to share information rather than passing out on paper

o Collect any and all paper left behind at the end of a meeting or event and have a designated person to recycle everything

o Promote and educate members on vegan living and plant-based eating
o Require at least one vegan option at all events and meetings that will have food
o Note the significant link to animal agriculture and environmental degradation
o Purchase organic produce from local farmers market to support our farmers and be healthy

o Educate and promote the use of public transportation, carpooling, bicycle-riding, etc.

o When possible, opt for organic, recycled fabric, recycled metal, non-plastic, materials

o Promote and educate people on all of these points
o Encourage candidates who seek endorsement to try and embrace and abide by these or at the very least make them aware of these points
o Try to live by these points in your daily life
o next

o This chair will oversee all environmental issues
o Makes certain Code of Ethics are implemented in the clubs' activities and the Green Pledge honored

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