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Tampa Bay's Pulse Radio Is Now Accepting Independent Music Submissions From All Genres

Pulse Radio Tampa Bay

Accepting Music Submissions From Indie Musicians Of All Genres

FLORIDA, USA, June 24, 2021 / -- Pulse Media LLC was founded in May of 2021 and, has been growing everyday since its inception. Gathering a worldwide audience, what started off as an idea for a podcast has blossomed dramatically. From the podcast to radio station, to a visual underground show on Youtube that features indie artists music, to an online publication-- there seems to be no limit on growth.

Focused on independent musicians and getting the word out on their music, Tampa Bay's Pulse Radio has begun accepting independent music submissions from artists of all genres. The feature underground show is where the music is promoted the first time before it ends up in general rotation on the radio station. Magazine interviews are available to musicians as an extra way of promoting themselves with interviews and reviews of their music. Live interviews featured on a streaming TV platform are conducted and edited as an upload for Youtube content.

In addition to the radio station, streaming TV show and, Magazine... Pulse Media also has contributing writers to many online blogs and direct submissions to social media. The streaming TV platform is bringing even more promise as live review shows are being constructed at the moment. All of these ideas are being put into place with the sole intention of promoting independent musicians. As stated from the founder of Pulse Media "I love music but, I especially love independent music. It gets aggravating at times when I get in my car and I hear the same song twice on a 5 mile trip to the grocery store. And, during this time, There's music out there that completely blows me away and, has no recognition at all. The streaming services and media platforms have really let the independent artist down and, I'm trying to fix that by getting musicians the most exposure possible... it's not just my hobby but, it is my passion and purpose now."

Music submissions are coming in daily from all over the world from the U.K., Spain, Romania, Kazakhstan, Australia, France, Canada, all over the United States, and many more places and, just continues to grow. From instrumentals, to country, hard rock to hard rap and, everything in-between, Tampa Bay's Pulse Radio accepts all submissions with the only rule being that your song may not promote direct hate of any kind. In the founders words: "I completely support freedom of speech and hence, we do not have a requirement for a radio edit. I understand that every culture has its own appropriations on vocabulary and that is fine but, if that vocabulary is turned as hate on any specific race, gender or, sexual orientation, we will have nothing to do with that type of message. There is no room in the world that we live in for that type of meaningless hate."

There are many plans in the works and, the future is looking bright. Contact the team for more information.

Pulse Media LLC