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NEW 40 Year Old Recording Kapland Records Release: Song of Ron ...The Lost Freeway Tape

Cover Art for music CD by Ronald Steven Kaplan Song of Ron ...the lost freeway tape

Cover Art

Author Ronald Steven Kaplan Song of Ron Book Cover

Book Cover Song of Ron

  Singer/Songwriter Ronald Steven Kaplan  Photo Circa 1981

Photo Circa 1981

The Lost Freeway Tape is the Perfect Companion to the October 2020 Every Now and Zen Press Book of Lyrics Release: Song of Ron available where you consume music

APTOS, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 29, 2021 / -- Song of Ron …The Lost Freeway Tape

This newly released recording is what can be considered as the "Prequel" to the Singer we have come to know as Ron Kaplan and Kapland Records with a large body of work in the genre of the Jazz Standards of The Great American Songbook. But what we have here, is the Singer/Songwriter Ronald Steven Kaplan in his own voice and words with his Guitar expressing himself in another place and time decades ago.

…the back story

On June 16, 1981, before pitching his songs to an Artist & Repertoire Representative from a major record label on Hollywood Boulevard, Ronald Steven Kaplan employed the technique utilized by other musicians of recording on cassette tape his chosen songs for presentation to the A&R Rep by mailing himself a date and time stamped, sealed, registered and certified envelope to protect the publishing & copyrights of this material.

As an archival artifact, and complement to his recently released October 2020 book entitled Song of Ron, including the poetic lyrics of these songs and others written between 1976-1983, he decided to make this recording: The Lost Freeway Tape available to the public as well, and is the perfect musical companion to accompany it.

What makes this material unique and of special interest is that with the exception of the song L.A. Reggae, is that these songs were recorded in one take on a warm summer’s day with an open window allowing the background sounds of the never ending traffic flow where the 101 and 405 freeways intersect in Los Angeles. And, if you listen very carefully, in addition to the sounds of traffic, you will hear an occasional bird chirping in, a typewriter, and a chuckle from Ron’s future bride to be.

Accordingly Singer/Songwriter Ronald Steven Kaplan stated
"It can be said that all songs are love songs… At least that was what I thought when listening to the radio going through what was once known as a ‘break-up’. And in those songs were tales of found love and lost love as an ever present theme across cultures and genres."

"It was then that I turned off the radio and began to learn to play the guitar and write my own songs. So when I look at this collection of my songs I can see that trend. In the beginning it was about love lost, love celebrated, and love sought. And as my mind expanded beyond the world of feelings I began to write on issues, and ideas, and eventually humor, with humanity at heart, in the process of being human."

Songs are poems set to music…

Song of Ron …the lost freeway tape (full song versions)

Ronald Kaplan
Kapland Records
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Song of Ron ...the lost freeway tape full length versions of this new release as a complement to Song of Ron the book by Singer/Songwriter Ronald StevenKaplan