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AUTZ Token Launch Event and Cryptocurrency Audit 2021

Rewarding Those Who Reward Others

Make Giving Great Again

Successful AUTZ Token Launch Donation

Successful AUTZ Token Launch Donation

AUTZ Token Audit

AUTZ Token Audit

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks

AUTZ Token Rewards

AUTZ Token Rewards

AUTZ Token Launched Successfully on June 12th in Atlanta, Georgia and the Cryptocurrency Audit Results Displayed on June 18th, 2021

Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.”
— Marc Kenigsberg, founder of
ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2021 / -- The AUTZ Token event for the autism community was held at the Hilton Garden INN at 3342 Tower Place Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30326-1024, United States on June 12th, 2021. The event was planned for 6pm-9pm EST, and followed by a barbecue at Sweet Water Park in Lawrenceville, Georgia, on June 13th, 2021, from 2-9pm.

The audit date results for AUTZ Token were available on June 18th, 2021. With the audit available, AUTZ Token is listed as a community-driven DeFi token on the current Ethereum Blockchain, validating its contract. Having a cryptocurrency audit completed assists in verifying the legitimacy of a token and how it is accessible throughout the cryptocurrency market and wallet industry.

Within 3 days of its original launch, AUTZ Token was successfully and gratifyingly listed on CoinGecko, a major cryptocurrency market platform to share and swap information regarding digital tokens and coins today.

The current listed value of AUTZ Tokens on CoinGecko as of June 22nd, 2021, is $0.000000005204 per coin, with a $12,305 24-hour trading volume. In total, the initial release of AUTZ Tokens was one quadrillion units. Additionally, the token also has a genesis burn rate of 30%.

"Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential." - Marc Kenigsberg, founder of and his podcast, "The Conversation"

Since its official launch, AUTZ tokens are available on traditional cryptocurrency platforms like Uniswap, DEXT, and Etherscan and will be made available to venues including Folgory, 1INCH, and Balancer among others in the near future. With access to plenty of tokens, the entire autism community has a chance to truly create its own digital economy to better improve the lives of those living with autism and those caring for those who require additional autism resources and support.

Anyone who has a loved one who is receiving or seeking autism treatment or who has experience with autism themselves can benefit from AUTZ tokens. When an individual completes their purchase of AUTZ tokens for themselves, other members and shareholders of AUTZ tokens will receive 3% of the total transaction, motivating and incentivizing users to remain actively involved with the growth and expansion of AUTZ tokens. Rewards from the AUTZ token community will be paid weekly to keep the community of investors and donators in the loop and as actively engaged with autism foundations and resources as possible.

The AUTZ project differs from traditional blockchain cryptocurrencies as its overarching theme is giving back and building others up who have invested time and money into the community and the coin itself. For those who become a part of the AUTZ token community, real benefits and tangible rewards will quickly become available as more members accumulate.

Even after the 3% of all transactions are deducted and redistributed among all AUTZ holders, AUTZ continues to donate and give back even more to the ASD community. In addition to redistributing 3% of all transactions to AUTZ token holders, the AUTZ project will also donate 10% of the total AUTZ token supply to ASD-related charities and organizations to provide additional access to necessary resources within the ASD community.

As the AUTZ project continues to grow and expand, it will also donate to ASD-related causes, organizations, and foundations. Each time the AUTZ project donates to various charities and organizations that are currently in need of additional funding, each token holder of AUTZ will also receive an additional boost in their current holdings. By providing boosts each time transactions and donations are completed, all AUTZ token holders are incentivized to keep participating and investing in the coin itself.

Supporting ASD causes is not only a way to raise awareness of the needs of the ASD community as well as the needs of ASD caregivers, but it is also a way to help provide real boosts and resources. By connecting with various charities and organizations, the AUTZ project is able to facilitate resources and connections that individuals may not be aware of in their hometown or state, depending on where they reside.

By minimizing the risk of wealthy profiteers interfering with the system using cryptocurrency and innovative blockchain infrastructure, the AUTZ project extends the ability to garner wealth and maintain a stake in the project for the everyday average individual.

The AUTZ project is dedicated to partnering up with other autism foundations and organizations to better improve the overall quality of life of those who are autistic and those who require more assistance, guidance, and resources. Whether partnering up with Autism Speaks or working together with local charities and autism foundations in the community, the AUTZ project strives to reach as many individuals and groups as possible.

Each of the founding members of the AUTZ project is connected with ASD in some way or another in their day-to-day lives, making them ideal candidates for leading an ASD-centric digital cryptocurrency. Ultimately, the goal of the AUTZ project is to develop and cultivate a sustainable cryptocurrency that is not solely driven and focused on capitalism and greed, but more on providing a stable community of resources by giving back to others.

The missions of the AUTZ token project include reducing the overall burden of the cost of research and development when it comes to ASD treatments, therapies, and even various medications available on the market. Its other goals include providing resources to those who may have a child who is autistic without contributing to their current financial burden.

Finally, the founders of the AUTZ project are adamant about providing a medium through various types and works of art that will help to benefit autistic children, regardless of where they land on the spectrum. By banding together and lending a helping hand to one another, the ASD community can be raised up and showered with love and support.

For those wondering is cryptocurrency the future, it does not take much to see that the industry is ever-evolving, skyrocketing, and becoming more commonplace. With the ability to complete a cryptocurrency audit, more coins are arriving on the market each day. With more cryptocurrencies hitting the market each day, it is no surprise that charity and cause-centric cryptocurrencies and industries are beginning to bloom.

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AUTZ Token Audit Report