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Aarna Networks and Predera Announce Partnership for a Complete Non-Real-Time RIC and Network Data Analytics Function

Aarna Networks and Predera's products will provide customers with an end-to-end 5G analytics solution that includes machine learning prediction and training

SAN JOSE, CA, USA, June 23, 2021 / -- Aarna Networks, a leading 5G network and edge computing application management software company, and Predera, developer of an MLOps software solution featuring the smartest workflow and deployment manager for artificial intelligence models, today announced a partnership to provide customers a complete O-RAN Alliance compliant Non-Real-Time RIC (NONRTRIC) and 3GPP complaint Network Data Analytics (NWDAF) solutions to meet the requirements of the next phase of 5G networks.

The Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP) is an open source software solution for orchestration, lifecycle management, and closed loop automation platform for 5G networks and edge computing applications. AMCOP use-cases include 5G core operations administration and management (OA&M), O-RAN Service Management and Orchestration (SMO), mobile-access edge computing application orchestration (MEAO), and physical network function (PNF) management. Aarna Networks is also developing value-add components such as an end-to-end 5G network slicing manager, NONRTRIC, and NWDAF.

Predera AIQ is an innovative, full-lifecycle MLOps solution to help machine learning (ML) teams with building, deploying, and monitoring ML pipelines at scale. AIQ provides a single-pane view of all your machine learning projects and is language-agnostic, cloud-agnostic, container-based, with support for all popular ML (and deep learning) libraries. AIQ has already enabled enterprises from diverse industries such as Retail Healthcare, Finance, and Pharma to build and manage hundreds of AI models.

Amar Kapadia, CEO, Aarna Networks, said, “5G networks of the future will leverage AI/ML models to predict and optimize network performance without human intervention. As we start customer engagements on NONRTRIC and NWDAF, the need for training machine learning models also comes up. Our partnership with Predera will fill the machine learning model training gap and offer customers an end-to-end NONRTRIC and NWDAF solution. ”

Specifically, the partnership will achieve the following objectives:

- AMCOP will provide training data to MLOps via a data lake
- Network data scientists will use MLOps to train models
- The trained models will be provided to AMCOP via the Linux Foundation AI Acumos project marketplace
- AMCOP will consume the models in its NONRTRIC and NWDAF implementation for intelligent predictive analysis
- The process can iterate to further refine the models over time

“5G and AI are two very important technology disruptors of this decade that have a multiplier effect on each other. AI algorithms can drastically improve 5G service quality & network performance, fueling high-bandwidth consumer applications in the ecosystem, which in turn creates new streams of engagement data that enable hyper-localized and personalized consumer experiences. We are excited to enable Aarna’s customers to train highly tuned, high accuracy AI/ML models leveraging as much data as available, without restrictions of infrastructure, language and algorithms.” Said Vamshi Ambati, CEO, Predera.

To learn more, please attend a joint webinar by Aarna Networks and Predera on July 26, 2021 at

About Aarna Networks:
Aarna Networks is an open source software company that enables orchestration, management, and automation of 5G networks and edge computing applications. 5G and Edge are a once in a generation disruption that will fundamentally change how we work and live, and Aarna Networks is well positioned to take advantage of this trend. The company uses the Linux Foundation and Intel OpenNESS open source projects for its products and is based in San Jose, CA and Bengaluru, India. To learn more about Aarna Networks, visit or email:

About Predera:
Predera is an artificial intelligence (AI) software company with a flagship product, AIQ, a containerized, secure, SaaS engine that simplifies ML life-cycle management for modern enterprises. With an innovative MLOps product, vertical-specific ML models and high-quality solutions expertise, Predera has seen continued growth in customers from Retail, Finance, Healthcare & Pharma industries. To learn more about Predera please visit or email:

About the Webinar:
Machine learning will play a big role in 5G network as network optimization, service assurance, predictive analysis will all be automated. Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) and Non-Real-Time Radio Intelligent Controller (NONRTRIC) functions are defined by standard bodies to perform machine learning prediction on data collected from 5G Core and O-RAN network functions respectively. As part of the AarnaStream effort, Aarna Networks is implementing both NWDAF and NONRTRIC functions. However, to solve the full problem for a user, the training side also needs to be taken care of. Predera offers a leading MLOps product called AIQ. Jointly, we can solve the entire NWDAF or NONRTRIC problem for users that includes prediction/inferencing and training.

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