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Padbanque Introduces Sanicle, the First-Ever Period Box Subscription Offering for Single Dads and Gay Fathers



In time for Father’s Day, Box & Passport help dads solve menstrual problems and end period poverty

NEW YORK, USA, June 15, 2021 / -- Padbanque, the female-powered lifestyle brand focused on knowledge sharing and bringing awareness to menstrual culture and causes, today announced the debut of Sanicle, the first-ever period box subscription offering for single dads and gay fathers. With the launch of Sanicle, Padbanque continues its mission to end period poverty while bringing men into the conversation to better help daughters with period problems and questions.

The first eco-friendly Sanicle box will ship just in time for Father’s Day. Quantities are limited. Sanicle is a great ‘Gender-Equality’ gift for any man who likes to support women’s brands that are socially conscious and lives a lifestyle of generosity and giving.

Approximately two million single fathers in the Unites States live with daughters who may not be equipped to handle period-related questions and problems. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these girls were stuck alone with their fathers during the lockdowns. Periods don’t pause during pandemics. Some girls had no one else to talk with about menstrual health issues.

While Padbanque is inexpensive, each bag includes high-quality products from well-known brands. It’s a great way to experiment and grow a collection. In addition to the basic bag, Padbanque offers add-ons, which include full-size period products and an informative booklet called the “Period Passport.”

Boxes include one matching shirt for dad and teen in the add-ons package. There are other rewards teen girls can win for their dads or other men in their lives. Padbanque provides a great value, giving teens something that they’ll anticipate receiving.

“It seems super convenient to have these types of subscription boxes delivered every month, and it certainly helps eliminate the last-minute, frantic [feeling of] ‘I need to run out and get these products,’” says Sharyn Lewin, MD, a gynecologic oncologist and the founder of The Lewin Fund. “It’s a really inventive and creative idea.”

"Padbanque is working hard to serve our charitable partners and customers in new and innovative ways," said Padbanque CEO Roxanne Stewart. "Sanicle by Padbanque curates some of the best products from socially conscious companies, created for people who are motivated in their shopping by a desire to make a positive impact in the world."

Each Sanicle box contains a combination of pads and tampons that can be customized for the amounts and kinds of products and flow. Some boxes will include perks designed to help with cramps, bloating and cravings, such as chocolate, heating pads and herbal tea.

Sanicle subscribers are able to choose between a quarterly subscription ($49/box) and an annual pre-paid subscription, which will give them access to 4 boxes for $169 and save members more deals with access to contents. Both options include free shipping and can be paused or canceled anytime. For now, Padbanque is focusing on curating these products for men only.

"This allows us to focus better on delivering value when we're designing products and working with some of our favorite brands," says Sage Oni, CTO. "Eventually we plan to offer a Sanicle for all as well."

The company believes that no one should have to choose between a period pad and food as some have been forced to. With each quarterly and annual subscription, subscribers can choose their donation recipient to Support Daughters of Incarcerated Dads or Foster Homes, or a feature charity with an Impact Box to help end period poverty.

“Each Impact Box contains personal period care for three months and a glam bag to use for storage,” said Chaste Inegbedion, Chief Period Officer, while speaking on the topic “Menstruation not just a Women’s Problem” at a recent JCI New York event.

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