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Waste-solutions Company Partners with Pan African Climate Justice Alliance to Emphasize Environmental Justice

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PACJA: Henry Neondo, Communications & Digital Media Advisor(upper left); student member; Anne Njoki Macharia, Communications Intern; Jacob Kirimi Munoru, Community Coordinator; Loyce, Project Member (bottom right); PANELTECH.US: Hong Trinh, Africa Representative

climate collaboration, environmental justice

Mrs. Fathiya Abdulmajid, Head of Finance and Administration (left); Dr. Joseph Mithika Mwenda, Director of PACJA; Leiven Tsai, CEO of PANELTECH.US Corp.; Hong Trinh, Africa Regional Representative of PANELTECH.US Corp.; Ann Makena Kobia- Gitonga, Human Resource (right)

In collaboration with PACJA, PANELTECH US. Corp. aims to focus on environmental justice by holding consumers and corporates responsible for their actions.

Many countries within Africa do not have its own industrial chain to deal with waste, especially wastes from all over the world. We hope to establish a waste-to-resource industrial chain.”
PASADENA , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2021 / -- Amidst global pandemic turbulences, we are harshly reminded of imbedded inequality when it comes to addressing the negative impact of man-made disasters. Today, we have essential healthcare accessible only for higher income countries, leaving dire places to worsen. Similar to COVID-19, the climate crisis disproportionately affects people in poverty, taking lives at unnatural rates. Unprecedented challenges concerning the environment continues to lead us to disastrous tipping points. Among many things we take for granted in our environment, one key problem is the unsustainable usage of natural resources and imbedded wastefulness stemming from our daily habits as consumers. Climate change not only threatens our ecology and fauna, but sheds light onto the apparent injustice within out supply and demand. A waste-solutions provider- PANELTECH US. Corp. aims to refocus on the notion of environmental justice by holding consumers and corporates responsible for their actions. The company acts to fulfill UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and set a new normal for all stakeholders involved in the management of waste.

To bring further insights and innovation, PANELTECH US. Corp. is excited to partner up with Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), to jointly foster its circular economic model in the African continent. Established by a group of civil societies to raise local voices in the international dialogue of climate change, PACJA’s mandate is to unify grassroots efforts in addressing systemic problems. Today, PACJA holds alliance with more than 1000 organizations spanning 48 African countries. These include NGOs, CBOs, indigenous communities, trusts, foundations and local farmers. “Nowadays most of us are living comfortably, we have zoom meetings in an air-conditioned room, talking about that we need to help the most vulnerable. But to visit the farmers and work with them is the way to truly understand what kind of hardship they are suffering. That is why we have to advocate for climate justice alliance,” says Mr. Mithika Mwenda from PACJA.

PACJA’s vision is to empower and amplify the voices of rural communities, women, disabled people and many more who urgently need sustainable aid. These activities are supported and funded by Swedish International Development Corporation Agency (SIDA) and the World Bank, as well as several governments across the African continent. PACJA will push for further research on these communities through its national platforms including the implementation of a 10 years’ sub-grant project funded by the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) to address deforestation.

Furthermore, PACJA has forged strong partnerships with key stakeholders such as the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN), United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), regional economic integration communities and national governments to enhance the continent’s voice in international platforms to drive climate-related policies in Africa.

Through partnership with PACJA, PANELTECH US. Corp. can gain on-the-ground understanding of local problems, thus to better assist in mobilizing existing strengths of local network and build resilience to climate change impacts in Africa. “Majority of the countries within Africa does not have its own industrial chain to deal with waste, nor the ability to deal with wastes from all over the world. We hope to establish an industrial chain from waste-to-resource solutions, produce essential materials such as construction materials needed locally, with potential to be exported globally, essentially addressing structural problems and create job opportunities in the waste management sector,” says Leiven Tsai, CEO of PANELTECH.US Corp. Together, they will move forward the AGENDA 2063 of the African Union (AU) and United Nation’s SDGs. PANELTECH.US and PACJA will combine their resources to mobilize the sustainable development plan for a green circular economy, hence carry out effective change at a greater scale. Concurrently, PACJA will have the observer status for PANELTECH.US’ projects and green profit funds, advise PANELTECH.US on where and how the utility of green profits can be maximized. Justice needs to be at the forefront of development projects today and both entities hope to hold corporates and governments accountable for their actions. Under the existing strengths of PACJA, it is with optimism to foresee positive changes come out from the collaboration.

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