Unified and ESPAT AI Announce Partnership to Distribute Esports Photo and Video Content

ESPAT AI and Unified announce partnership to distribute esports content.

ESPAT AI and Unified announce partnership to distribute esports content.

Unified announces partnership with ESPAT AI--the first digital media licensing provider for esports--to catalogue and distribute live event content.

This partnership with Unified allows us to highlight the players at the youth and amateur levels on their path to pro.”
— ESPAT CEO, Matt Hill
WICHITA, KANSAS, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Unified has established itself as a premier tournament operator in esports for both online and physical events. With roots in the Midwest, Unified now offers live esports events across North America. To help catalogue and distribute both photo and video content from past and future tournaments, Unified will be partnering with ESPAT AI.

ESPAT is the first digital media licensing provider solely dedicated to the esports and the gaming community. By applying the traditional image and video licensing model to gaming, ESPAT and Unified will amplify the community and accelerate the esports learning curve by bringing greater exposure to the industry.

Both companies have made a continual impact in esports and have announced recent partnerships with industry leaders to either broadcast or distribute a variety of digital media. In addition, ESPAT and Unified will leverage technology to generate new revenue opportunities for content creators in the gaming space.

“It’s a win for esports and for our attendees, to be able to showcase these great players and organizations with their emergence in the scene or their assertion of skills across competitions,” said Unified Event Director, Rebecca Rong. “Through on-site tournaments, we’re giving attendees of all skill levels the chance to face-off on the big stage and to play like the pros. Through ESPAT, we are able to distribute high quality content through new channels and share these victories on a whole new level.”

“We are excited to welcome Unified to the ESPAT family,” said ESPAT CEO, Matt Hill. “As we focus on servicing the broader gaming community, it is important that we support players and organizations at all levels of esports. This partnership with Unified allows us to highlight the players at the youth and amateur levels on their path to pro.”

Upcoming events on Unified’s calendar include their 2021 debut in Kansas City, hosting “Esports Festival Sporting KC” at Children’s Mercy Park on July 9th and 10th. Additional summer shows include a Lincoln, NE (July 23-24) and Wichita, KS (July 30-31) event. ESPAT will act as the official content distributor for these and future shows.

More information on upcoming esports competitions and opportunities for partnership can be found on Unified’s homepage, http://uea.gg

About Unified
Unified, formerly known as Unified Esports Association (UEA), is a Kansas-based company that oversees multiple products that specialize and operate as a dynamic pipeline within the esports industry. Providing shared experiences that directly serve collegiate, youth, hobbyists and amateur video game players at every stage.

ESPAT (Esports Pixels and Technology) is a premier B2B digital media licensing platform focused solely on esports and the gaming community. Fueled by its live photo and video coverage and third party aggregation, ESPAT AI provides the technological infrastructure that makes editorial storytelling and commercial activations possible. Brands and agencies also rely on ESPAT’s custom content services for tailored assets and distribution. ESPAT’s leadership team is composed of sports and brand marketing industry veterans. The company was established in 2018 and is headquartered in New York City.


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