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Fovere Cremation Urns, Offers a Reassuring Celebration of Life for our Love Ones

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Flowers displayed in the Memorial Vase Urn

Flowers displayed in the Memorial Vase Urn

Candle Urn

Candle Urn

Introducing the unique 'Memorial Vase Urn' by Fovere, providing an alternative and attractive choice, designed for display at home.

After struggling to find a cremation urn to be displayed at home without making guests feel uncomfortable. We set out to find a commemorative urn that was designed for display within the home.”
— Kim Clay, co-founder of Fovere
HILLARYS, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, May 31, 2021 / -- Fovere has stepped outside the box to create a cremation urn unlike any other, one that focuses on celebrating a loved one's life and preserving their legacy.

Designed to be positioned at the heart of your home, this memorial urn keeps your loved one close to you.

The Memorial Vase Urn is a full-size cremation urn designed to resemble a lovely flower vase in both appearance and function. This concept is entirely unique and unlike any other cremation urn. Combining the precious cremation urn, used to protect and memorialise those closest to us, with the profound symbolism of flowers, used in remembrance and as a demonstration of our love, creates a synergistic tribute honouring and memorializing those we have lost.

The main urn is fully sealed and separate from the flower container, with a secure screw-in base, allowing easy access to the ashes compartment. A neatly concealed standalone vase insert slides out from the top, making this vase extremely practical and simple to use.
This feature enables you to arrange flowers, change the water, and clean the cremation urn without having to move the entire urn. Individually hand cast from aluminum, you won't have to worry about these memorial urns getting knocked over while on display, the ashes will remain safely protected within the ash compartment.

The Memorial Vase Urn's design allows for display with or without flowers. Adding fresh or faux flowers to the vase provides a stunning memorial. Valentine's Day roses, Mother's Day tulips, or Gerbera daisies simply because you're thinking of them and the love you shared, displaying the flowers they loved. Take comfort by creating the ideal memorial to honor their memory and celebrate their life.

Along with the unique Memorial Vase Urn, Fovere also provides a Candle Cremation Urn, which allows you to light a candle in honour of your loved one as you reflect on the happy moments shared, take a moment of peaceful reflection, meditation, or say a silent prayer.

These urns are offered in two sizes: a large full-size urn and a small keepsake urn.

This is another decorative style of urn that provides a more elegant alternative to traditional urns, ensuring that your loved one rests in comfort, near you, at home.

With an increase in the frequency where an individuals ashes are divided amongst family members, the 'small keepsake urn' is Foveres' most popular urn, frequently purchased in sets of three or four.

Fovere translates as "To Cherish" in Latin, which is mirrored in our brand philosophy and product offering. We realise how tough it is to say goodbye, not only immediately following someone's death, but for the days, weeks, months, and even years thereafter. Our urns provide a more personal approach to honor those you love and miss, allowing you to keep them at the forefront of your heart and home for eternity.

The Memorial Vase Urn and Candle Urn collections are currently available to order.

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