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Freedom Founders Now Offering a Free Copy of Its Wealth Building Book for Dentists

An industry leader in dental retirement investing is giving dentists one of its most sought-after books at no cost.

ROCKWALL, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2021 / -- Representatives with Freedom Founders announced today that it is now offering dentists the second edition of its book entitled, "From High Income To High Net Worth" for free.

"We're very excited about this," said Alex Lerma, Chief Marketing Officer and spokesperson for Freedom Founders. "This breakthrough book empowers dentists with alternative investment strategies to stop trading time for dollars and start creating cash flow, wealth, and freedom."

Lerma revealed that dentists can get their free copy from its website today. Lerma went on to describe From High Income To High Net Worth as the dentist's guide to freedom.

"It provides a guided tour to create your own personal wealth-building blueprint," Lerma stressed before adding, "This book reveals the right way to leverage and compound your equity and cash flow growth and hands you the knowledge and insight to start building wealth and cash flow outside of the practice."

But that's not all. Once dentists receive their free copy of From High Income To High Net Worth, they will, according to Lerma, discover how to control real estate investments without the ownership headaches and learn where they can find the best real estate investment opportunities without the risk of volatile markets.

As to how experts rate the book, John Groom, a CPA, highly recommends it.

"It’s the ultimate guide to building cash flow and net worth through real estate without ever meeting a tenant or fixing a toilet," Groom said.

Dr. Jim Rachor, a dentist in Michigan, also highly recommends anything Freedom Founders offers.

“I was in the stock market for most of my life,” Rachor recalled. “My father was a financial advisor, and we had money managers in New York. I am happy that my assets and money are out of that market and off the roller coaster that I used to ride. Especially when you get later in life because if you want to retire, it’s a roller coaster ride. You don’t have a lot of control. You can’t actually meet the people who are in the deal. Watching the panic now and the people who lost 30 percent or more of their assets in two weeks - that’s where I used to be. Not anymore. Now I sleep really well at night.”

Dr. Ben Jensen, a dentist from South Dakota, added, “Prior to joining Freedom Founders, we had substantial holdings in the stock market. We have redeployed our capital into alternative investments. We’re very pleased to be limited in our exposure to the stock market because this crash would have been devastating.”

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