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Business Reporter: The future of STEM is blended learning

Online learning in higher education proved its worth during the pandemic; going forward, Higher Education must employ a mix of teaching techniques

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 26, 2021 / -- In an article published on Business Reporter, Itay Koppel, CEO of Proprep, highlights the importance of blended learning in the teaching of STEM subjects at university.

It’s proven that students using passive learning methods such as traditional lectures when studying for STEM degrees are more likely to fail. When an active learning model is used, one that puts the student at the centre of different teaching methods, far better learning outcomes are achieved.

Proprep’s solution offers students a range of online learning resources including short videos, workbooks, study guides, and practice questions with answers. Proprep has taken this approach, using seasoned professors alongside artificial intelligence to create a library of more than 50,000 online STEM video tutorials, all between five and seven minutes long.

This approach allows complicated STEM topics to be dissected into bite-sized videos accessible at any time, from any device. Students learn at their own pace with information that is laser-focused to the student’s specific course.

As we move out of the pandemic, universities have an exciting opportunity to embrace their newfound digital literacy. Giving students access to active blended learning tools, including those provided by third parties such as Proprep, will mean the barriers to studying difficult STEM subjects will be lowered. In addition to this, dropout rates will be reduced while students’ academic results will improve, which demonstrates that the future of STEM education is active blended learning.

To learn more about the future of online education, read the article.

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Proprep enables Higher Education students studying STEM degrees to learn at their own pace, with personalised learning resources customised to their university syllabus. Students can study at their own speed, with tailored online video tutorials, study guides and practice questions and answers. By accessing short, easy to use, learning materials STEM students are able to improve their understanding of challenging subjects, therefore accelerating their learning and unlocking their true potential.

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