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RollsPack and REDcycle, recycle plastics for a cleaner future

RollsPack Logo - RollsPack Austalia

RollsPack Logo - RollsPack Austalia

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Image of Boomerang Bag - returnable, re-cyclable mailer

Image of Boomerang Bag - returnable, recyclable mailer

RollsPack and REDcycle, recycle plastics for a cleaner future

The idea that recyclable is really more environmentally friendly than compostable is both intriguing and surprising.”
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, May 24, 2021 / -- We embrace sustainability at RollsPack.
RollsPack recognises the critical role that a modern businesses can play in the future of our planet, for the growth of our country and for the world our children will inherit.

RollsPack provides environmentally friendly packing options, we are moving focus from 'Compostable' to 'Recyclable' as the composting requirements are rarely met once a packaging reaches the landfill.

The idea that recyclable is really more environmentally friendly than compostable is both intriguing and surprising.

Packaging that can be composted:
The main problem with biodegradable materials is that they require certain ingredients to break down.
Composting is difficult since it demands sunlight, oxygen, and water.

They won't be able to break down if they're buried under dirt and rubbish, they don’t get sunlight when underground, so they'll lose all of the benefits associated with biodegradability.

Biodegradables aren't breaking down:
According to a new study, even after three years in the soil, biodegradable plastics have remained for the most part, unchanged - a plastic bag is still a plastic bag.

Packaging that can be recycled:
The alternative is recyclable packaging, which is gaining more and more popularity by the day.

RollsPack is thrilled to be a part of the REDcycle program, which seeks to recover and recycle plastics that would otherwise wind up in landfills. Once recovered from manufacturers, merchants, and customers who are working with us and REDcycle on this effort, they are turned into long-lasting, splitter-resistant items that are termite resistant. These recycled materials are used to make a variety of playgrounds and surfaces.

At Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, the REDcycle crew place specifically labelled bins where customers may deposit their soft plastics. These goods are then processed at the RED Group plant and shipped to Replas (Australian company that performs the physical transformation from waste into a recycled composite).

The recycled-plastic goods that arise are incredibly durable, as well as resistant to water and termites, they are resistant to fracture, splinter, or decay, and may require no painting.

This alliance is the latest step in our journey to become one of the world's most sustainable packaging companies. RollsPack has partnered with REDcycle as part of our ongoing commitment to a sustainable future.

A remarkable operation aimed at recycling plastics that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

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