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Lords of Fortune LLC To Recover Famous Treasure Aboard Shipwreck RMS Republic, Lost in 1909

RMS Republic, "The Millionaires' Ship"

RMS Republic, "The Millionaires' Ship"

Capt. Martin Bayerle

Capt. Martin Bayerle

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Lords of Fortune LLC Launches up to $12.5 Million Crowdfunding to Recover $200 million US Navy Payroll and the $4B to $7B Tsar's Treasure.

The great difficulty was identifying her cargoes. It was never the money, but solving the mystery, ... Of course, the money will be nice too.”
— Capt. Martin Bayerle
MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2021 / -- Lords of Fortune LLC, who holds an exclusive license to recover cargoes lost aboard the White Star liner RMS Republic in 1909, today announced that it is seeking to raise up to $12.5 million in to two distinct offerings. The first is made pursuant to Rule 506(c) promulgated under Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933, available only to Accredited Investors (which for natural persons, are investors who meet certain minimum annual income or net worth threshold) through the Company’s website, . The second, a “testing-the-waters” (appropriate term for a marine recovery) for a crowdfunding offering where most people can make a reservation, without obligation, to invest as little as $100, available through .

As stated in its Offering Memorandum, the Company intends to use the proceeds from this Offering, together with additional financing being sourced, for its recovery of two cargoes, the first known to be aboard RMS Republic, an $800,000 1909 face value US Navy coin-monies shipment, 8 tons of late 19th and early 20th century coins, pennies through gold double-eagles, bound for the Great White Fleet then at Gibraltar. This cargo alone has been appraised today at between $150 million and $340 million. The second, a much more intriguing $25 million shipment comprised of double-eagles, mint-state twenty-dollar gold pieces, 45 tons of gold coins, the proceeds from Tsarist Russia’s sale of its January 22, 1909 Bonds on Wall Street. That cargo, if it exists, has been appraised at $4 billion to $7 billion. “The Navy money is proven. We litigated with the US Government for over a decade over this gold, and finally defeated them in court. The Russian cargo, however, is more speculative, based on a tight but entirely circumstantial case. I believe it’s there. That’s why I make my research available for critical examination,” said Capt. Martin Bayerle, Lords of Fortune’s Managing Member. “Now our problem is to locate the cargoes within the vessel, and that will require the excavation of several thousand tons of decks and debris to reach the gold chambers, then extract the gold” said Bayerle. “All of that takes a lot of money. Working in an offshore environment is always risky and rife with uncertainty. But, ultimately, the recovery of this cargo will validate my proof. We will recover Republic’s gold.” he said.

“Currently, our recovery operation plans include a heavy lift 446 foot barge with 1,400 ton crane and a work-rated Remote Operated Vehicle, and ancillary equipment necessary to clear and remove several thousand tons of Republic’s collapsed decks and detritus which covers the gold chambers; once the gold is seen, then we’ll finish recovery using divers. A Diving Support Vessel with a saturation system and divers will be brought in to recover the 53 tons of coins,” Bayerle said.

Many treasure books had reported on Republic’s treasure, but not one provided any detail. Why was there no official Board of Trade inquiry into her loss? Why can’t plans or a manifest of the vessel be found? Why was this huge vessel not on any official chart? Why was RMS Republic carrying this great wealth? Whose money was it? Why all the mystery? “The great difficulty with Republic was not finding the wreck, nor will it be recovering her cargo. The great difficulty was identifying her cargo, answering these questions. It was never the money, but solving the mystery,” Bayerle said. He added, with a smile, “Of course, the money will be nice too.”

Bayerle found the wreck in 1981. Talk about perseverance. It has now taken him longer to recover Republic’s gold than it took Moses to find the Promised Land. Bayerle’s over 40 year quest to recover from the Republic what one treasure book referred to as “riches beyond most men’s wildest dreams,” was the subject of History Channel’s 2016 nine-episode series Billion Dollar Wreck. His 2013 book, The Tsar’s Treasure, covers the basis for the cargoes. Why, finally, now? “Research is always ongoing. We’ve recently acquired ownership of the wreck and all future legal claims are barred; we’ve confirmed the US Navy Cargo and upped Republic’s oft-quoted $3 million gold coin cargo, with new information, to a 1909 $25 million shipment, a shipment destined for the Russian State Bank via the Russian Baltic Fleet then waiting at Gibraltar.” And, now, his need for financing. He continued, “A craftsman’s only as good as his tools. With Billion Dollar Wreck, we didn’t even have an anchor winch or a crow bar. Now, we’ll have all the tools we’ll need to do the job right.”


Lords of Fortune LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company organized to conduct treasure and marine salvage operations related to the Republic Recovery Project.

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The adventure continues this coming summer, 2022.

A good in-depth story (pun intended) for the Memorial Day Weekend.

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