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Nikita Aggarwal: The New Morality of Debt

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Nikita Aggarwal: The New Morality of Debt

May 21, 2021

The commodification of certain types of personal data for lending decisions raises moral concerns. (iStock by Getty Images/ praetorianphoto)

Society has long debated the morality of debt. In ancient times, debt was viewed in many cultures as sinful, with lending at interest especially repugnant. These concerns continue to influence perceptions of lending and the regulation of credit markets today. Nikita Aggarwal is a research associate at the Digital Ethics Lab at Oxford University's Internet Institute. In this podcast, Aggarwal says our increasingly online lives prove a valuable source of data for lenders and add new dimensions to debt’s morality. Her article, The New Morality of Debt, is published in the March 2021 issue of Finance and Development Magazine


Nikita Aggarwal is a research associate at the Oxford Internet Institute’s Digital Ethics Lab, University of Oxford.