mxHERO Announces Strategic Partnership with Macnica Networks

Macnica Networks & mxHERO partner

Macnica Networks & mxHERO partner

mxHERO, Inc. (USA), announced a strategic partnership with Japan’s Macnica Networks

Our alliance with Macnica Networks extends our ability to problem-solve for Japan-based enterprises of all sizes and for Japan-based public sector agencies.”
— Don Hammons, Chief Customer Officer, mxHERO
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2021 / -- Today, mxHERO, Inc., creator of the Mail2Cloud digital bridge technology, announced a strategic partnership with Japan’s Macnica Networks, a leading supplier of security solutions for cyber threats against Japanese organizations. Under the alliance, Macnica Networks will extend a core value of the firm: “We lead change to connect all things and create an abundant future for society and all the people of the world.” Under this new strategic partnership, Macnica Networks will be able to extend mxHERO’s Mail2Cloud digital bridge to key Japan-based customers, thereby creating a marriage or linkage between customer email-content assets and their backend digital content storage platform strategies.

Under the alliance with mxHERO, Macnica Networks will extend mxHERO’s Mail2Cloud digital bridge solution to a broader set of Japan-based enterprises and public sector agencies to solve a myriad of problems for their customers. These challenges involve regulatory compliance, security/litigation threat surface reductions, and workflow automation around all digital content, including digital content that is most active and in the most ubiquitous of all IT applications: email. Under the offering, mxHERO extends the capabilities for customers to capture at-rest and in-flight digital content from email systems and auto-route the email and associated attachments to client-defined backend enterprise content platforms Google, Microsoft (OneDrive), and Box’s Content Cloud. Such an approach extends the value of the investment firms are making with their digital content platforms and expands content-based workflow automation capabilities. In doing so, they can also derive perhaps the highest value: cyber-security and litigation threat surface reductions.

“We built mxHERO Mail2Cloud to solve some serious challenges. We know fundamentally that email as a technology was never equipped to be a viable system of record or system of engagement for enterprise or agency-level digital content. While it remains the most fundamental of all IT applications, it is also the most insecure, and in fact, it is the number one threat vector of attack by cyber-criminals. Our alliance with Macnica Networks extends our ability to tell the mxHERO story in Japan. It extends our ability to problem-solve for Japan-based enterprises of all sizes and for Japan-based public sector agencies. We believe that every enterprise and agency user of email would benefit from the advantages of mxHERO. Under this mindset, we see our alliance with Macnica Networks as extending this view of our technology’s advantages to an even broader set of customers. This is a win for Team Macnica Networks, it’s a win for Team mxHERO, but more importantly, it’s a win for our valuable Japan-based customer stakeholders!” said Donald R. Hammons, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, mxHERO, Inc.

“Macnica Networks aims to bring best of breed technology and services to our customers. With this in mind, we are honored to partner with Silicon Valley-based mxHERO, a former Box Elite Partner of the Year and back-to-back winners of the New York-based Astors Awards for “Best US Homeland Email Security Application” in both 2019 and 2020 in partnership with Canon USA. As such, mxHERO has built a novel technology that will benefit Japanese customers and Japan-based public sector agencies with the Mail2Cloud digital bridge. We believe our customers benefit when they undertake a strategic perspective related to where their digital content assets reside. As they formulate such strategies, including email content within those strategies is vital. With today’s announcement, we broaden our ability to accelerate our customer’s digital transformation to the broadest set of digital assets in the industry – including email’s vital digital assets.” said Jun Ikeda, President , Macnica Networks Corp

Under the alliance, Macnica Networks will extend mxHERO’s email at-rest and email in-flight capture technology to Macnica Networks customers in Japan as an mxHERO reseller. Macnica Networks is one of the world’s premier technology and services solution providers, the partnership with mxHERO extends their ability to add a new technology to their customer’s secure application supply chain. A valuable workflow automation and cyber-security posture for Japan-based firms.

About mxHERO
mxHERO is a two-time winner of the Astors Award (2019 and 2020) for US Homeland Email Security Applications and a former Box Elite Partner of the Year. The company’s flagship offering, Mail2Cloud, is a cloud service that automates the capture and intelligent routing of email and email attachments to targeted customer cloud content management platforms, including Google Drive (Workspace), Microsoft’s OneDrive, Egnyte, and the Box Content Cloud. mxHERO compliments existing security and cloud solutions by intelligently capturing all emails (both inbound and outbound traffic, from any device type, operating system, or platform) with no end-user intervention or workflow disruption. The company’s digital bridge provides workflow automation, email-based content insights, automation of governance, and retention policies. By auto-extracting sensitive email-based content, the security threat surface for customers is reduced or eliminated. Applications developed for mxHERO’s Mail2Cloud platform work with any email management program, including Gmail, Office365, and Microsoft Exchange. More than 13,000 companies with over 1,000,000 users have enhanced their email capability with mxHERO’s solutions. Website:

About Macnica Networks
Macnica Networks works with a large number of overseas companies to provide the latest technological advances in network devices and software. Its extensive range of products, and installation and maintenance support services make it a favorite of governmental and educational establishments, and private sector corporations.

Company name: Macnica Networks Corp.

Capital: 300 million yen (as of March 31, 2021) * Wholly-owned subsidiary of Macnica, Inc.

Founded: March 1, 2004

Head office: 1-5-5 Shin-Yokohama, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama, Japan 222-8562

President: Jun Ikeda

Employees: 817 (as of March 31, 2021)


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