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PROGEAR® Vision Debuts New High-Tech Optical-Quality Eyeguard Prescription Sport Glasses

Sought-after, safe and affordable protective Eyeguard glasses are suitable for all sports and outdoor activities

PHOENIX, ARIZ., USA, May 12, 2021 / -- Today, E-Optician, the premier optical sports vision specialist known by professional basketball, football, baseball and soccer teams, announced the debut of a new line of patented sport glass technology with unique sports lenses. E-Optician is the authorized reseller and official online store for PROGEAR® Vision with its extensive series of eyewear products and styles, including PROGEAR® Eyeguard, Optical, Sportshades, Urban and all eyewear accessories.

PROGEAR®’s “Eyeguard” is made of high quality materials, and is considered one of the most desirable sports eye protection brands available on the market. People with prescriptions ranging from +8.00 to -10.00 can now participate and succeed in sports and see clearly while having fun.

Not only is the PROGEAR® Eyeguard popular for sports eyewear, the glasses are also versatile in every team sport at all levels, from little league to professional level athletes. The eye protection is popular with outdoor sports enthusiasts, including mountain bikers and rock climbers because glasses can be adapted with accessories. The transformation makes the eyewear into goggles that are smaller than the awkward, oversized goggles that usually have to accommodate a full-sized pair of regular glasses underneath. Now skiers and snowboarders can be comfortable like never before.

“Many of our customers are professional, collegiate and high school athletes,” said spokesperson Judy Miller. “Very skilled players count on their vision, but when they start wearing regular glasses, no one wants to risk dropping and breaking expensive eyewear meant for everyday needs.”

As one of Eyeguard’s basketball players mentioned, “I have a pair of expensive glasses, but I’m terrified to get hit in the face if I wear them when I play. I can’t risk breaking them and possibly injuring my eyes. Since I started wearing glasses, I struggle to see the rim from a distance, which has completely affected my shooting. With the help of Eyeguard’s incredible 70 mph impact resistance I can relax and totally go for it on the court. “

Customers who visit the website can register to receive a limited-time free coupon for $80 off of any Eyeguard purchase, bringing the cost to as little as $99 with personalized prescription lenses.

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