International Delphic Council Appointed President’s and Secretaries for Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala and Jammu Kashmir

NN Pandey IAS, B.H. Anil Kumar IAS, Ms Dileepa S Hari and Syed Basharat Moosa are among nominated as Presidents

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, May 10, 2021 / -- Mr. Bijender Goel, Adviser and In-charge for South Asia, International Delphic Council (IDC) has accorded his approval to the elections of State Delphic Councils of Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala and Jammu & Kashmir. Shri N.N. Pandey,IAS, Former Chief Election Commissioner of Jharkhand; Shri B.H. Anil Kumar IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Govt of Karnataka; Ms Dileepa S. Hari, an well-known Artist and Mr. Syed Bashrat Haqani Moosa, an socialist and business entrepreneur have been appointed Presidents respectively for the states of Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala and Jammu & Kashmir. Shri Atiraj Sinha, Shri Rajesh Palyalji, Shri Vishnu KP and Mr Zeshan Haider have been appointed Secretary Generals of these states respectively. All state Presidents have been authorised to create their own team.

The elections to these above-mentioned states have been recently conducted through zoom meeting hosted by South Asian Delphic Council on 3rd, 4th ,7th and 8th May 2021. Mr Ramesh Prasanna was observer from South Asian Delphic Council. Mr Prasanna organized an orientation program on Delphic Games for the attending members. Shri Bijender Goel, Adviser and In-charge for South Asia, International Delphic Council; Sh. Dalip Singh, IAS, Former Chief Election Commissioner, Haryana, Shri Ramachandaru Tejvath, IAS, Orrisa, Sh. Sanjay Kumar, IPS, Former Director General, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Ms Manisha Saxena, IAS, Delhi; Mr Moloy Bora, IAS, commissioner, Sports and Youth affairs & Central Division, Govt of Assam; Mr. Shubham Gupta, IAS, Maharashtra, Mr. Vishnu Sharma, IPS, UT, Shri Jayesh Rathore, Pune were among the prominent attendees witnessed the elections and orientation program..

The International Delphic Council arrange for Delphic Games, Junior Delphic Games and continental Delphiads and by doing so, providing a unique Forum for Arts and Cultures of the world. His Excellency Late Mr. Nelson Mandela patronized the Idea till his life as Delphic Ambassador for Youth.

The Delphic Games are historically a peace-engendering competition of the arts. They first took place over 1000 years ago in ancient Greece prior to the Olympic Games and had at the time a similar level of importance in society. Delphi became the neutral crossroad for solving conflicts. The Games were organized by the Amphictyony, forerunner of the UN.

The Olympic Games for Sports revived in 1894 with the founding of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Paris, on the initiative of Pierre de Coubertin. The Delphic Games for Arts and Cultures revived in 1994 with the founding of the International Delphic Council (IDC) in Berlin, organised by Mr. J. Christian Kirsch.

The Games gather the world’s best artists in six Delphic Arts Categories and have thus far taken place under the patronage of international institutions (e.g., UNESCO, Council of Europe, ASEAN) and the Heads of States of the respective host countries. The cultures do not enter into a competition but showcase their respective arts. They learn from each other by conversing, getting together and treating each other with mutual respect.

Mr Goel, Adviser and In-charge South Asia said that “South Asian region is entrusted with unique different Arts and Culture that need to be preserved for the future generations. The artists from these states will now have the opportunity to participate in International competitions under their Flag and win medals for the country. We are in process of constituting various National Delphic Council and State Councils in the South Asian Region that includes India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives, Pakistan, Srilanka and Afghanistan. Delphic Games are symbol of peace and harmony. This will not only help in promoting and preserving Arts and Culture but will boost tourism, help National and State economies and increase employments opportunities in the region”.

Bijender Goel
South Asian Delphic Council
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