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GIC- Global Inbound Closers is changing the lives of women globally with financial freedom

GIC- Global Inbound Closers was created to financially help women and children living in domestic abuse.

KINGSTON, ON, CANADA, May 9, 2021 / -- GIC - Global Inbound Closers was created to financially enable women and children living in domestic violence and abuse. To create jobs for women who have no other source of income. And give a team of trained sales agents to entrepreneurs who need our services without the additional cost or stress of hiring sales agents. GIC is revolutionizing the Coaching and Course Creation industries by providing instant access to high producing, trained sales teams for no upfront

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About GIC Founder and CEO Tristan Bliss

As a child Tristan grew up with alcoholism and violence. Violence her mother endured and she and her siblings witnessed, as well as violence, emotional and mental abuse from her mother toward her and her siblings. She has now turned around a series of custody battles, court cases and fleeing for safety to founding GIC - Global Inbound Closers, creating a way for overtaxed entrepreneurs to
access trained Sales Teams to service their inbound calls and for women to have an income source which allows them the financial freedom to make the best choices for their life and their family. Tristan is committed to changing lives. From the sales people she has employed to the coaches and course creators GIC supports, there is only 1 mission: to raise the quality of lives for women and men
world wide.

Tristan recently was featured on Words, Women and Wisdom with Yvonne Silver.

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