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Tigray: Ethiopian Orthodox Church Patriarch condemns Tigray ‘genocide’

Abune Mathias, a native of the northern Tigray region who lived in exile for 30 years for criticizing the country’s then-communist regime, was filmed by Dennis Wadley, director of Bridges of Hope International over a month ago.

Wadley told CNN he took the video of Mathias in Addis Ababa, where the Patriarch is under what he described as “unofficial house arrest.” The charity director said he and his wife were in the country caring for refugees and internally displaced people at the time.

The video message represents the Patriarch’s first public comments on what he calls “Tigray’s genocide,” since the conflict there began.

“What is happening is the carnage of people — particularly the killing of innocents. The youth are being searched out in towns and in villages. Then they have been killed and thrown off the cliffs. They are not even allowed to be buried, as for example in Mahibere Dego,” Mathias said.

“These type of atrocities have never been seen so far, which is very, very…

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