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Viparspectra Launches a New XS Series of LED Grow Lights for Greenhouses

RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 / -- The new QB grow lights from XP series of Viparspectra come with premium performance for better yields. Currently three variants including the XS1000, XS1500 and XS2000 are the LED light options with Samsung diodes and also notable is the XS4000 variant for its high wattage. High efficacy in terms of PPE can prove to be useful for the plants grown in indoor setups like greenhouses.

ViparSpectra has always made sure that indoor growers, regardless of beginners and professional can make the best out of their setups with high-powered grow lights. In the time of global warming when low energy consumption is all people needs, their LED lights can show a new direction.

After the significant success with V series, VA series, VB series and VS series, ViparSpectra is all set to provide more wattage for more growth of the plants. Greenhouse plants tend to be warmer than the ones in the outdoors and with additional grow lights to help in propagation, vegetation and flowering, indoor plant growers can worry less about the health of the plants.

The L series with its two variants for decent sized plantation and the P series of LED grow lights with a wide range from P600 to P4000 had created quite a stir when those were launched. It is only a matter of time till the new XS series variants are available extensively in the market.

Coming to the XS1000 full spectrum Infrared light, it has 120 watts of Mean Well Driver that will ensure long lifespan and great PAR output to enhance yields. While the XS1500 variant has 150 watts of Mean Well Driver, that in the SX2000 variant is 240 watts so that electric costs can be reduced. Apparently, the greatest Mean Well Driver lies with the XS4000 variant, which is 480 watts.

ViparSpectra has created the XS1000 model for growers with vegetative coverage area of 2.5’x2.5’ when plants are 18” high and flowering coverage of 2’x2’ when the plants are about 14” in height. The XS1500 variant has the same coverage area in vegetative state and flowering stage. If indoor growers need more coverage, the XS2000 model can be considered for its 4’x3’ coverage at 24” height in vegetative stage and 4’x2’ coverage at 20” height during flowering time. Professional growers of several plants can make use of the XS4000 variant that is suitable for vegetative coverage of 5’x5’ and flowering coverage of 4’x4’ at 28” and 24” of heights respectively.

In many cases, growers complain about overheating and noise emitting from the LED fixtures, which is addressed by ViparSpectra as its LED lights from the XS series are equipped with heat sinks of large size so that the lights can cool down automatically even after glowing for hours on end. Besides, these lights do not have or need fans, therefore a noise-free operation will be guaranteed.

About ViparSpectra
Founded in 2011 with the objective to offer affordable indoor gardening lights and accessories, ViparSpectra strives to develop as a company, as well as a garden. Their journey started with the LED grow lights, which is now available in L, V, VA, VB, VS, P and XS series. According to the customer requirements, it now has grow kits like bags and tents in different dimensions, which are well-researched and developed by the team of professionals. apart from their online platform, they also have service centers and warehouses in offline platform, as well as operation houses in Europe, US, UK, Australia and other places to serve the customers 24x7. With more than 20 million global customers both online and offline, ViparSpectra is looking forward to more development with its association with Mean Well and Samsung.

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