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CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, May 8, 2021 / --

Telemedicine with Buprenorphine has been found to be effective in the battle to save lives in this Opioid Crisis. Dr. Henry Emery, Jr., Medical Director at has submitted a letter to the editor for publication at the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Academy of Family Practice, and the New England Journal of Medicine (copy attached). This letter outlines the findings of a recent study by Dr. Emery and the team at The team randomly selected 500 patients from 35 states who had been stabilized on Buprenorphine via telemedicine. All of these randomly selected patients had been on heroin, fentanyl, illegal prescription opioids, or some other opioid prior to their induction with Buprenorphine and through telemedicine. The study found that after beginning the Buprenorphine via telemedicine, not one single unexpected opioid prescription was found on the state databases, otherwise known as the state Prescription Monitoring Programs. This would imply not one single episode of relapse back to the opioids was detected by the Prescription Monitoring Program of the respective state. Some of these patients had been stable for years without evidence of a relapse as indicated by the data on the state Prescription Monitoring Program. Said Dr. Bea Hill, RN, MSA, PhD., CEO of, “Those of us on the front lines and in the trenches in this life and death struggle against the deadly opioids were not surprised by these findings. We see it every day. An explanation for this high rate of success can be found in the Opioid Monologues”.

About has been on the front line of the national Opioid Crisis and pioneering the use of Buprenorphine via telemedicine since 2016. Now active in 35 states, anticipates activity in all 50 states in the near future. At the time of this writing, is initiating its own Clinical Trials. plans to bring about an end to this Opioid Crisis in under two years.
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Opioid Monologues
The Opioid Monologues are a series of videos by the Executive Director, Dr. Doug Smith. The series begins with a challenge to the science supporting the diagnosis of Opioid Addiction then presents the scientific evidence supporting the Smith Hypothesis. The Smith Hypothesis details the opioids as a defective product causing DNA damage in the user.
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