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Burns Funding Creates New Funding Program for Young Women Entrepreneurs

Peter J. Burns III

Burns turned to the deep resources within Burns Funding, when it comes to financial expertise, to create a winning program.

While the details around how Burns Funding secures the capital are proprietary, the broad elements of the program are simple.”
— Peter J. Burns III
AUSTIN, TEXAS, US, May 4, 2021 / -- For 45 years, serial entrepreneur Peter J. Burns III has been a man on a mission. He has created over 150 of his own new businesses, as well as mentored countless other would-be entrepreneurs in their pursuit of business success.

Along the way, Burns has had an awakening. Some of the best business ideas in the world were never getting off the ground. They lacked capital.
So, three years ago, he started Burns Funding. Burns set out to create a tool chest of alternative funding methods that people could use to raise capital for their businesses. Ranging from credit line stacking to leveraging the cash that can be generated through cost segregation studies, Burns Funding facilitated the necessary capital for startup after startup after startup.

Then the pandemic hit.

Rather than viewing this as a death blow to the small business community, Burns did what he always does. He saw opportunity. Burns turned to the deep resources within Burns Funding, when it comes to financial expertise, to create a winning program.

In essence, Burns figured out how to help would-be entrepreneurs access the overabundance of business capital that the federal government set aside as federal stimulus during the pandemic. But that was only half of the equation.

Burns, the father of two daughters and four granddaughters, recognized that those entrepreneurs who really needed the capital were a select segment of the population – millennial women – who were smart AND ambitious. Thus, from one of the darkest chapters in America’s history, the Millennial Queenmaker program was born.

While the details around how Burns Funding secures the capital are proprietary, the broad elements of the program are simple.

First, there is an introduction between the candidate and Burns, or a member of his team. Typically, the candidate knows that she already has what it takes to either create and run her own business or operate a business in an area where she already has some subject matter expertise. The latter is where Burns Funding can facilitate a match, since Burns already has many vetted projects awaiting the intelligence and ambition that a young woman entrepreneur can bring to the table.

The next step involves either making the application for funds through the federal government (as mentioned above) or evaluating the creditworthiness of the applicant for purposes of securing capital through private lenders. Burns Funding has aggregated approximately $1.5 billion in unsecured debt funding available to qualified borrowers. Some candidates would be eligible for a blended approach of both federal and private funds.

Once the funds are secured and pending. Burns facilitates the creation of a comprehensive business plan, so that the appropriate funds can be set aside for a suitable "living wage" for the young woman entrepreneur as well as the necessary vendors – marketing, financial, legal, etc. – who can help ensure the business’ success.

While Burns is always available in a mentoring capacity, he has also recruited several accomplished female business coaches, who can guide the fledgling entrepreneur in her successful journey.

Specific Agreements between all the parties are prepared, reviewed, and executed. Bank accounts are opened, and the funding is arranged and provided with the complete administration and oversight by Burns Funding’s resident experts.

Burns serves as the majority owner of each venture, remaining the final decision maker until and when the business has repaid Burns Funding its debt financing. Then, the entrepreneur is deeded her agreed-upon equity in the startup. The dream is realized.

About Burns Funding

Burns Funding is an emerging aggregator of non-traditional tools for securing growth capital. Four of those tools stand out.

First, Burns Funding has institutionalized the bridge funding process to help clients reduce credit card debt and obtain a higher credit score. This allows Burns Funding clients to secure more capital at remarkably low interest rates, in some cases as low as zero percent for an introductory period of 12-21 months.

Second, Burns Funding has pioneered the use of Cost Segregation to allow commercial real estate owners to generate capital (in the form of tax savings) based on a little-known IRS allowance. A cost segregation study identifies aspects of a property that can be placed on accelerated depreciation life cycles, typically resulting in huge tax savings for eligible property owners.

Third, Burns Funding offers a market in shelf corporations, which are business entities that are no longer being used because their assets have been sold, typically through acquisition. However, these corporations are still viable because they have exemplary credit records. While these entities typically range in cost from $5,000 to $10,000, their clean record can help clients secure lines of credit for growth.

Fourth, Burns Funding offers a blanket loan program, where through its prodigious lender network it can help entrepreneurs and investors consolidate many smaller loans into one blanket loan, typically at a lower interest rate, with considerably less maintenance. There are also cash-out opportunities with these loans, providing access to growth capital.

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