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Bills to Address Housing Crisis, Support Colorado Educators Pass Senate!

DENVER, CO – This morning, the Senate passed legislation that will promote the development of affordable housing development and support the state’s educator workforce.

HB21-1117, sponsored by Senators Julie Gonzales and Robert Rodriguez, clarifies the existing authority of local governments to promote the construction of new affordable housing units.

“Colorado’s housing crisis exacerbates every issue our communities face – from economic insecurity to child hunger,” said Senator Julie Gonzales, (D-Denver). “By increasing access to affordable housing, we can begin to tackle a systemic vulnerability that traps Coloradans in endless cycles of poverty and in so doing, mend the fabric of our community particularly following such a financially difficult year for so many.”

“The affordable housing crisis is a multidimensional issue that will require diversified approaches to solve, but a key component of any solution is ensuring that local governments can expand the supply of affordable housing in their community,” said Senator Rodriguez (D-Denver). “This bill will give municipal governments the power to provide localized solutions to housing affordability, and ensure that any new development can be equitable.”

SB21-185, sponsored by Senator Rachel Zenzinger, would help reduce the teacher shortage in Colorado by empowering local leaders to recruit subject matter experts into the educator workforce.

“In order for our students to excel, we need to ensure that we recruit and retain quality teachers that will guide them in their journey toward educational success,” said Senator Rachel Zenzinger (D-Arvada). “This bill will help diversify our educator workforce to help meet the unique needs of our students, paving the way for more talented teachers to enter the profession and ensure the best learning experience for Colorado’s future leaders.”

Both bills now move to the House for further consideration. Track the progress of the legislation visiting