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ROHM’s New 600V IGBT IPMs Deliver Class-Leading Low Noise with Low Loss

Reduces power consumption and design load in compact industrial equipment and home appliances

/EIN News/ -- Santa Clara, CA and Kyoto, Japan, April 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ROHM Semiconductor today announced that it has developed four new 600V IGBT Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) as part of its BM6437x series that deliver best-in-class low noise characteristics, together with low loss, making them ideal for power conversion in inverters. The devices are used in compact industrial equipment, such as small capacity motors for robots, as well as home appliances, including air conditioners and washing machines.

With the proliferation of IoT and increasing power consumption following the automation of industrial equipment and home appliances, there is a need for lower power consumption when considering power utilization and limited global resources. This requires higher efficiency IGBTs and modules. However, sometimes noise performance can suffer.

In response, ROHM has developed a new four-model lineup of IGBT IPMs that achieve class-leading characteristics by simultaneously reducing both radiated noise and power loss. Optimizing the built-in IGBT’s characteristics and soft recovery characteristics of the internal FRD (Fast Recovery Diode) allows the BM6437x series to decrease radiated noise by more than 6dB (at peak comparison) over standard products. This allows designers to consider simplifying the noise filter that is typically required.

The latest low-loss IGBTs adopted in these IPMs also reduce power consumption compared with ROHM’s conventional IPM products by 6% (fc=15kHz). In addition, the new products dramatically improve the built-in temperature monitoring function, resulting in high ±2% accuracy (equivalent to 2°C). This makes it possible for designers to consider eliminating the external thermistor that is typically required, reducing the number of external parts, along with design load. A new function for identifying the product after mounting has also been added to help prevent mounting errors. Error identification mode has also been included to cover “Short Current Protection,” “Under Voltage Protection,” and “Thermal Shutdown Protection.”

These new parts target a wide range of applications, including automotive. They contribute to reducing application design load and power consumption while addressing social challenges, such as environmental protection.

Product Lineup

  • BM64374S-VA: 15A rated current
  • BM64375S-VA: 20A rated current
  • BM64377S-VA: 30A rated current
  • BM64378S-VA: 35A rated current

All of these parts feature 600V collector-emitter voltage (VCES), temperature monitoring, thermal shutdown overheat protection, in an HSDIP25 package (38mm x 29.4mm x 3.4mm).

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