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Adrich integrates with Amazon smart reorders to expand benefits to consumers


Amazon Smart Replenishment

Amazon Smart Replenishment

Adrich Connected Ecommerce

CPG brands can now offer timely, smart replenishment of consumable goods on Amazon based on real-time usage data while engaging directly with consumers

Brand survival depends on real-time consumer engagement and predictive consumption analytics. Our partnership with Amazon will allow brands to take their e-commerce to the next level.”
— Adhithi Aji, CEO, and founder of Adrich
PITTSBURGH, PA, USA, May 18, 2021 / -- Adrich, a leader in IoT and AI-powered consumer engagement and predictive analytics, today announced that Amazon smart reorders now integrates with Adrich’s Smart Consumer Platform™, which includes plug-and-play smart labels and software. The platform provides an easy way for consumer packaged goods companies to quickly transform consumables products into smart, connected products. Benefits to CPGs are a significant reduction in time to market – counted in days instead of years – as well as access to real-time consumer behavior data to enable need-based replenishment.

Amazon smart reorders enable a connected device to automatically reorder products from Amazon. Now with the help of Adrich’s technology, any consumables manufacturer can convert their existing or new products into a connected product taking advantage of this service, an option previously available mostly to consumer electronics or powered devices. Brands will be able to capture real-time data on when a product is running low and automatically re-order or send ‘low supply’ notifications to a consumer’s mobile device.

For consumers, this means they will get the product exactly when they need it, never having to worry about running out of the product or having too much of it – a common problem with the existing, calendar-based subscription services, where consumers pre-select the delivery quantity and frequency. The key to winning consumer loyalty in the hyper-competitive post-Covid e-commerce world is to provide personalized, just-in-time convenience that caters to the instant gratification of increasingly sophisticated consumers. Further, the integrated offering will enable more predictable and accurate inventory management and demand planning for CPGs and Amazon, helping to lower the logistics cost of e-commerce.

“Brand survival depends on real-time consumer engagement and predictive consumption analytics,” said Adhithi Aji, CEO, and founder of Adrich, “We are excited that our partnership with Amazon will bring more opportunities for brands to leverage our technology and take their e-commerce to the next level. Armed with true product usage data and the ability to communicate directly with consumers, CPGs will be able to stay ahead of changing consumer needs with more timely, relevant offerings and a more agile supply chain.”

Another catalyst behind the rise of smart replenishment has been the CPG industry’s desire to make its sustainability efforts more attractive to consumers with increased convenience in order to drive adoption. As recently noted by Virginie Helias, Chief Sustainability Officer at P&G, “You need to make it irresistible so people embrace it because they want to, not because they have to.”

Amazon smart reorders are available immediately with Adrich’s Smart Consumer Platform™ Amazon integration. Consumers can also take advantage of Amazon smart reorders by linking the brand’s app powered by Adrich with Alexa, and enable auto-reorders of essential supplies. Alternatively, they can receive notifications when it’s time to replenish and use voice commands to easily reorder those products from Amazon. Consumers looking for more information on the Amazon smart reorder program can visit here. Brands looking to elevate their e-commerce through real-time consumption insights and consumer engagement can learn more at

About Adrich
Adrich, Inc. is a platform that helps brands and retailers understand and act on consumer product consumption habits through real-time insights by leveraging IoT and AI technologies. Through the world’s first patented Smart Consumer Platform™, Adrich’s customers can access a wide range of usage data on how their consumers interact with their product and leverage the insights to provide personalized consumer experiences such as “in-the-moment” communication and need-based auto-replenishment. The female-founded and led company is headquartered in Pittsburgh and counts some of the leading consumer brands and retailers as customers, including Clorox, Colgate, and Tyson. For more information, visit

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