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Equator’s New Hygienic Combo Washer-Dryers

Equator Super Combo Washer-Dryer EZ 5500 CV

The new generation of the Super Combo Washer-Dryer EZ5500 CV is helping families stay safe with its innovative sanitize, allergen, and winterize cycles.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2021 / -- Equator Advanced Appliances just launched its most germ-busting and home-friendly innovation in its 30-year history. The latest generation Super Combo Washer-Dryer EZ 5500 CV kills viruses and contagions, including COVID-19, and eliminates dust mites and other sneeze-inducing allergens. Plus, with a two-minute winterize cycle you can easily protect your washer-dryer from freezing, pipe bursting temperatures.

The magic behind the sanitize cycle is the 165 degree water temperature, perfect for people who work in highly contaminated areas, like hospitals and schools. Plus, the baffles inside the stainless steel drum are coated with anti-microbial technology that prevents the growth of bacteria. But if you seek absolute peace of mind, push the self-clean option that uses 131-degree temperatures to disinfect the drum in between loads to remove any lurking mold, dirt, and bacteria. The sanitize cycle combined with the allergen cycle, you’re guaranteed 100% clean clothes.

And now prepping your washer-dryer for winter can be done with just a push of a button. Simply add antifreeze and select the two-minute winterize cycle. This is perfect for closing down your summer get-a-way home, RV, or boat to avoid costly damages. With an 18-pound capacity, but still compact design, this washer-dryer combo is the perfect choice for keeping families both safe and worry-free.

“This washer-dryer combo will do everything, except fold the clothes,” said Atul Vir, President of Equator Advanced Appliances in a statement. “There’s no need to use the laundromat and risk touching contaminated surfaces or interacting with others who don’t take COVID-19 seriously.”

Users can choose from a variety of energy-efficient cycles that distributes the perfect amount of water and heat needed for clean, dry clothes. Including the quiet cycle with a noise level of less than 60 dB, the perfect option for families working and studying from home. It is also the only washer-dryer combo in the world that with a push of a button can switch from a vented dryer to a condensing dryer based on the season.

The EZ 5500 CV comes in six different colors: light blue, yellow spring, green summer, red fall, dark blue winter, and white arctic vortex. Pricing varies based on color, ranging from $1,899-$1,999. It can be ordered today from Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, Sears, Goedeker and Wayfair among others.

Equator Advanced Appliances was founded in 1991. Its product line includes laundry machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, wine coolers and other essential home appliances. Equator’s groundbreaking eco-friendly products have been featured over 1,000 times in the media including Fortune, Popular Mechanics, better Homes and Gardens, the Wall Street Journal and Oprah. Now commencing its 31st year in business, Equator remains committed to creating ingenious products that solve real problems in its customers’ lives.

Nick Mathews
Equator Advanced Appliances
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