CFBundleIdentifier Fixer 1.0.2 Instantly Prevents CFBundleIdentifier Collision Errors for macOS App Store Development

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Drag & drop, easy to use CFBundleIdentifier Fixer instantly solves CFBundleIdentifier collision errors before uploading apps to the macOS App Store.

It is tedious to manually update bundled plist files every time you build an app. CFBundleIdentifier Fixer solves this problem in seconds.”
— David Simpson, President of .com Solutions Inc.

FREMONT, CA, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2021 / -- .com Solutions Inc. announces the release of CFBundleIdentifier Fixer 1.0.2 now available on the macOS App Store.

CFBundleIdentifier Fixer instantly solves CFBundleIdentifier collision errors before uploading apps using the Apple Transporter app. A macOS developer only needs to drag & drop their app on the processing button of the app to prevent this annoying problem.

Some development environments (including: LiveCode, Unity, Xamarin and Unreal Engine) build apps containing standard library bundles within the standalone app. These bundles contain plist files having their own individual CFBundleIdentifier values.

However the macOS app store requires CFBundleIdentifier values to be unique across all of the apps which have been added to the store by any other developer. Otherwise you will get the error CFBundleIdentifier Collision from the Transporter app.

How to fix?

The solution is straightforward, just use the CFBundleIdentifier for the main app as a prefix for the CFBundleIdentifier values within each enclosed bundle plist file.

It is tedious to make these changes manually every time you build a new app. The CFBundleIdentifier Fixer app makes this process as simple as dragging and dropping the new app. The application contents are traversed looking for all enclosed bundles and the associated plist files are automatically updated.

If the application plist files have already been updated, it won't be processed a 2nd time, and this information will be shown in the results field.

===== Usage Instructions =====
1) Launch the CFBundleIdentifer Fixer.
2) Drag & Drop the app you want to fix onto the application button.
3) The embedded bundle plist files will be updated and the results displayed in the Results field.
4) After fixing the CFBundleIdentifiers within an app, your app will need to be digitally signed. You may use command line commands or automated tools like App Wrapper to perform this signing.

Pricing and Availability:
CFBundleIdentifier Fixer is priced at $9.95, and is available immediately at the macOS App Store.

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