North Carolina U.S. CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE NC-5 BO HINES Signs Term Limit Pledge to Serve only 3 Terms in the House

North Carolina U.S. CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE NC-5 BO HINES Signs Term Limit Pledge to Serve only 3 Terms in the House

Bo’s pledge to support and abide by term limits echoes a growing cry in the America First movement for an end to entrenched politicians who continue to enrich themselves and do not deliver .”
— Bo Hines , Campagin Manager Karl Notturno
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 22, 2021 / -- U.S. CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE BO HINES,, NC-5, signed the US Term Limits Amendment Pledge to serve no more than 3 terms in the House and 2 terms in the Senate.

BO HINES Campaign Manager Karl Notturno said “Bo’s pledge to support and abide by term limits echoes a growing cry in the America First movement for an end to entrenched politicians who continue to enrich themselves on the back of the American taxpayer while failing to deliver for their constituents. We can no longer afford to reelect stagnant and complacent politicians who languish in Washington for decades by simply voting along party lines. We need leaders who are goals oriented and who work to accomplish their constituents’ agendas quickly and effectively.”

Bo Hines’ Statement on Biden’s Gun Control Executive Order.
I strongly oppose the Biden administration’s executive action banning “ghost guns” and his calls for legislative changes to ban assault rifles and high-capacity gun magazines.
The Biden administration claims that these executive actions will solve a so-called “public health crisis” of gun violence. They will not. This is just another underhanded attempt by far-left Democrats to take away our fundamental constitutional rights.
I will never compromise on Americans’ right to bear arms. This is a fundamental right that allows us to protect ourselves, our families, and our property. Just as importantly, it allows us to protect all of our other rights from a tyrannical government.
Bo Hines’ Statement on Vaccine Passports
We strongly support the proposed legislation by the Ohio House of Representatives to combat recent attempts by Democrats to require so-called “vaccine passports.”
The Democrats’ efforts to implement vaccine passports would give the government and big tech companies unprecedented access to personal information. These policies would set the stage for draconian and tyrannical travel restrictions that we have seen in many failed socialist states.
We must continue to fight these policies at the state and federal levels to ensure that we do not devolve into a “show your papers” state.

In less than two weeks, his launch video
received more than 200,000 views and in less than half a quarter of fundraising, his campaign amassed nearly a quarter of a million dollars, with an overwhelming majority of those donations coming from the state of North Carolina, sending a signal that BO HINES is the clear choice for congress for the 5th district, a major message to everyone that the 5th district of NC is ready for the positive change Bo Hines will bring to his district, state, and country.

Who is BO HINES? Hines was a freshman All-American wide receiver at NC State before he transferred to Yale, where he graduated with a degree in Political Science. He worked in multiple congressional, gubernatorial, and state offices and is finishing his law degree at Wake Forest as he campaigns full time.

Hines said, “We are running a positive, heavily grassroots, America First campaign focused on developing relationships with constituents across the district, getting them excited about what we can do politically, and refurbishing the Republican party in our state.”

Hines said, “We want to meet every single voter and let them know they can reach out to us at any time.”

Bo Hines for Congress Campaign Manager, Karl Notturno, said “Bo is very responsive. Bo has gotten on the phone with a constituent within 32 seconds of the moment they signed up on our website. The average time isn’t that far off. We always want to meet with constituents in person and we will typically drive to meet them.”

Notturno also stated, “Bo believes politics has been far too divisive over the past two decades and that most Americans want great jobs, free speech, good healthcare, quality schools, safe streets, term limits, and honest leaders. Bo will never waver on his values.”

Hines stated, “We believe that the Republican party has been losing the narrative battle for decades, especially among the youth. We are the party of opportunity, growth, and life. We want people to succeed and communities to flourish. If we want to succeed, we must focus on promoting our positive vision of society in line with our values. This will sell far better than divisive fringe issues. It is easy to say what you’re against. It is far more constructive to say what you’re for.”

Hines believes, “Our country has great potential, but we have squandered it for too long. President Trump was a step in the right direction, but we must build momentum on his America First agenda to ensure that we can leave our children the future that we want. Establishment politicians have failed to produce real change. We are results oriented. We must be. Our futures and our children’s futures are at stake.”

Hines is engaged to Mary Charles. They will be married this July.

Hines has strong opinions on policy including the following positions:

Economy — We must leverage the power of capitalism to create an economy that serves the American people by protecting American jobs and businesses. Our “America First” trade policies and economic regulations should incentivize investment in our country and our citizens while discouraging offshoring and corporate inversions.

Infrastructure — The 5th district has fallen behind in infrastructure. We must invest to ensure the entire district has access to high-speed internet and quality cell service, to be able to participate in and benefit from our changing digital economy. We must also improve our power grid to keep energy costs low, especially in rural regions.

Healthcare — We must simplify access to quality affordable healthcare and remove many of the needless bureaucracies introduced by ObamaCare. The government should not run healthcare. Government should incentivize market competition to provide affordable and accessible healthcare for all Americans, work to keep premiums and deductibles low, and free the industry from inept government policies.

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