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Eileen Rouse of Eileen Into Spirit to be Featured on Close Up Radio

SPRING, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2021 / -- Women are often preconditioned by society or by how they grew up to be selfless. A women’s natural instinct is to be nurturing, caring and giving, and they do this well for others, often neglecting themselves.

Eileen Rouse is a spiritual advisor, intuitive coach and founder of Eileen Into Spirit, where she empowers women to embrace and embody their divine essence so that they can stand and own their own power.

“My whole purpose and reasoning for creating Eileen Into Spirit is to empower women,” says Eileen. “I love to see them soar beyond their wildest dreams as they come to realize how strong, confident, passionate and empowered they can be. As long as they can embrace who they are on their own terms, they can become a dynamic woman who has discovered her true essence.”

Eileen understands where her clients have been. She’s been there herself.

“We see ourselves through the eyes of other people, not realizing that we are our own source of happiness,” says Eileen. “Many women struggle with feeling inadequate. They are unsure. They are confused. They don't know exactly what they want. They don't feel like they're good enough. I never had a true understanding of who I was as an individual and how I fit in the world. The more that I embraced who I was, the more I wanted to be that voice for other people, especially women.”

Eileen says that spiritual growth is really about learning to lean into yourself, to release that control to discover who you really are. Leaning into your essence is about radical acceptance and embracing who you are and where you are with compassion and understanding.

“You're a spiritual being having a human experience,” says Eileen. “We are meant to become that better version of ourselves, which is our divine essence. It is the essence or the spark of God or source that resides within us. Spirituality is really about surrendering and allowing ourselves to be free. Spirit uses me as a vessel to deliver that guidance.

Through meditation and breath work, Eileen helps her clients begin to understand how their subconscious communicates with them.

“My coaching is about helping people create a new story,” says Eileen. “It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. The journey is where life resides.

Close Up Radio will feature Eileen Rouse in an interview with Jim Masters on April 23rd at 12pm EST

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