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Hip-Hop Artist Jacob Pnake to Release New Album

Hip-Hop Artist Jacob Pnake

Hip-Hop Artist Jacob Pnake

The Roaring 20s takes a deeper look at dealing with this current period of history

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA., USA, April 16, 2021 / -- Jacob Pnake, producer, singer-songwriter, and rapper is proud to announce the upcoming release of his new album, The Roaring 20s. The young artist creates unique, new-age hip-hop music with thoughtful, expressive tracks creating a unique ambiance through the production and mixing.

Pnake immigrated to the United States from Cameroon in 2008, seeking asylum. He now lives in Oklahoma City. Obama was president at the time, and Pnake’s father was a political activist in Cameroon.

“Growing up around a lot of African music then coming to America and coloring my palate with this culture serves my music in creating unique blends of rhythm, and I mash all of that together to make my sound,” Pnake said. “Cameroonians have a unique rhythm and melody used in their songs. Listening to it young was subconsciously priming me to search for certain things in music that I like. I am heavily influenced by the hip-hop scene and hip-hop culture, but I also have roots in pop like Michael Jackson, my childhood musical idol, and African songs with lively chords and rhythms like Kalabankoro by Richard Boba.”

Pnake’s stage name comes from Biblical teachings. “The name Pnake comes from a younger version of myself being inspired by the biblical story of Saul turned Paul. He was bad then turned good. Snake (mainly the one in the garden) turned good = Pnake. I liked the concept of having been bad then seeing the light,” Pnake said.

Pnake learned how to produce music in 2011. He said he has always known how to make an instrument play the sounds he hears in his head through trial and error, but the computer is much easier. As a perfectionist, he works hard and scrutinizes every sound to make sure it is exactly what he wants.

His new project, The Roaring 20s, encapsulates how he has personally dealt with this unprecedented time in our history, from the advancement of technology to the pandemic, to personal things. He named the album The Roaring 20s to show how he has personally articulated the world amidst all of the “beautifulugly.”

“The Roaring 20s is a name that my sister and I came up with during one of our many talks to describe the unprecedented time in history that we are in. It makes it seem like the collective consciousness is going through something together. What an exciting time to be alive on the edge of history.”

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