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It can be challenging to make your business’ online identity stand out from the crowd. It can be even more difficult to find a good short domain to represent your brand and leave a memorable impression. In today’s world, it is crucial for businesses to have a strong image in the online world that both represents their brand and sticks out from other companies. The domain names and have the potential to do precisely that for your business.

What is .uk?
These domain names are in the UK country-code. This means that they are registered with the UK domain registry, but accessible globally, and are not limited to a particular area or country. If you do business in the United Kingdom, a user there is more likely to be confident that the website is legitimate. You may also rank well in search results in that country.

What Sets These Domains Apart?
These domains sit apart from the rest of the domains on the market. Why? There are only twenty-six other domain names like them in the digital world. The rarity of these domain names will not only be known to you, the owner but other Internet users. These unique domains will grab anyone’s attention and get them interested in the business behind such an attractive domain name.

Not only are these domain names short, but they are memorable, unique, and brandable. In this day and age, there are so many internet users around the globe, creating a memorable impression starts with your business address on the Internet. The domain name that connects your customers to you is one of where you make that first impression. The likelihood of customers returning to your site depends on that impression. More people recognizing and remembering your domain name leads to more customers, more sales, and of course, more money. These domain names truly have the power to bring a company to another level of success.

What Could These Domains Be Used For?
Not only are these domain names as memorable as they come, but these domains are also brandable. The possibilities are endless. What do you think of when you think of “i” in the digital world? The iPhone, iMac, iCloud, iReport, iHealthLabs, etc. Over the past two decades, the letter “i” in the digital world has come to represent the Internet and technology. However, the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, originally suggested that the “i” stands for Internet, individual, instruct, inform, and inspire. Any of these “i” words are the perfect start to the next successful company.

Using the letter “i” as a domain name has the potential to represent a whole industry online. This one letter has so many unique meanings, the possibilities for it in the business world are endless. People around the world are so familiar with the letter “i” being connected with the Internet and more. Therefore, customers will be familiar with the letter “i” and easily remember it.

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