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TrackTik & Smart Parking launch integration to drive security delivery forward

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 8, 2021 / -- We are very excited to announce the partnership between TrackTik and Smart Parking, the gold-standard in security workforce and parking management software, respectively. — See Announcement Video

TrackTik was founded in 2013 to help security organizations streamline the efficiency and profitability of their security operations. The most efficient way to run your guard tours, patrols, and dispatches, and to automate administrative functions like scheduling, billing & payroll, and contract management, TrackTik is a powerful end-to-end solution designed to add intelligence to your security business. — Learn More about TrackTik

Smart Parking is a complete parking management platform that solves every parking need for apartment buildings & condos, HOAs, commercial establishments and offers paid parking solutions. Built in collaboration with security companies, Smart Parking brings together the parkers, property managers and enforcement in one fully integrated ecosystem. — Learn More about Smart Parking

As part of their partner-centric approach, TrackTik and Smart Parking are teaming up to provide a seamless integration between both platforms. This integration adds value to your security service delivery by addressing every aspect of your parking needs.

“I am very proud to say that we are now partnering with TrackTik. Tracktik is the premiere security guard management software, I myself use TrackTik with my security company, Response Security. We have been using our own Smart Parking App now for the last 13 years, and we find it’s something very unique that we have that our competition doesn’t have, and we are selling to a vertical that we are already in.” – Denis Condie, Owner/Founder at Smart Parking Apps & Response Safety Security & Investigations

With this integration, TrackTik clients will be able to access a full parking report from Smart Parking directly from their TrackTik account. Smart Parking customers will also be able to create these parking reports, in order to send it to property managers and building owners, among other stakeholders. To do this, a Smart Parking site will be connected to a TrackTik client.

One of the key capabilities of this integration include the ability to create customizable reporting templates based on your parking needs from Smart Parking, which will then seamlessly appear as reporting fields on TrackTik.

In these reports you will see the reporting period, total number of parking citations that were issued, and the amount of recorded visitor passes on the site. You will also be able to capture the type of citation, include pictures for visual proof, and have a full list of all the visitor passes. There is also a link leading back to the Smart Parking dashboard should you want to deep-dive further into the data on the reports. Smart Parking users will also have the opportunity to view the reports in TrackTik with a single click.

Other benefits of this integration include the ability to schedule reports in advance for your clients. This reduces the amount of inputting required by guards and parking enforcement and guarantees that the property manager will receive a report at the selected intervals. This integration provides seamless navigation back and forth between the Smart Parking and TrackTik portals so that you can manage different issues on each portal.

“Our partnership with Smart Parking is a prime example of how our TrackTik 360 partnership program continues to provide value for our clients. Smart Parking’s integration to TrackTik now offers an integrated solution to address all of their parking management needs.” – Brian Strasser, Senior Director of Partnerships

To get more information about this integration and how you can start leveraging it for your security business today, contact your Customer Success Representative at Smart Parking or TrackTik. They will give you all the information you need to succeed.

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