Fine Art Shippers Offers Art Installation Services in New York

Art Installation Services in New York

Fine Art Shippers, a family-run art handling and shipping company, offers expert art installation services in NYC and the metropolitan area.

NEW YORK, NY, US, April 7, 2021 / -- Fine Art Shippers, a family-run art handling and shipping company, offers expert art installation services in NYC and the metropolitan area. The company is proficient in all kinds of art installations, from sculpture mounting and picture hanging to complete art exhibition set-up. Fine Art Shippers serves private collectors, auction houses, galleries, designers, and artists, as well as works at the art fairs and trade shows of any scale, delivering cost-effective installation solutions tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the client.

Fine Art Shippers has been providing the art community and individuals with fine art services for over two decades. The company particularly specializes in packing, crating, and shipping artworks of any size and weight, and also provides a variety of art installation, art storage, art insurance, and other art-related services, working hard to deliver the highest quality results to the customer.

Installation of art is one of the major services offered by Fine Art Shippers in NYC and the metropolitan area. Whether in private homes, offices, art stores, restaurants, hotels, galleries, or museums, the company works in any space and environment, ensuring that every artwork is properly mounted and secured. From hanging a single painting to complex installations of fine art collections and oversized sculptures and statues, Fine Art Shippers has done it all. The company also has extensive experience in outdoor art installations and can work in all kinds of surfaces. What is no less important, Fine Art Shippers is fully insured and can arrange additional art insurance cover quickly for even the highest value artworks.

Driven by the challenges of the contemporary art world and artworks created using a variety of innovative materials and approaches, Fine Art Shippers is constantly advancing the installation techniques and engineering solutions to properly mount even the most complex and demanding works of art. The company also specializes in de-installation of art, including detachment of artworks from high ceilings and removal of street murals such as Banksy wall paintings.

Fine Art Shippers has long proven to be a reliable art installation service provider known for an individual approach to every customer and order. Whether it comes to mounting a sculpture on a base, installing artwork into the ceiling, or hanging a collection of paintings on a wall, Fine Art Shippers can handle any art installation job in New York and the metropolitan area, indoors and outdoors. For more information about the company’s services and art installation solutions, please visit Fine Art Shippers website or contact the team directly via email or phone.

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