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Panama farm Colorada Fresh Pineapples becomes leading exporter of MD-2 Pineapple to Europe

Photo of Colorada Fresh pineapples on display at fruit market in Italy

Colorada Fresh pineapples on display at fruit market in Italy

Colorada Fresh Pineapples air shipping boxes

Colorada Fresh Pineapples air shipping boxes

Colorada Fresh Pineapples farm in La Chorerra, Panama

Colorada Fresh Pineapples farm in La Chorerra, Panama

Colorada Fresh Pineapples is leading the scene on export of MD-2 pineapples to European markets.

LA CHORERRA, PANAMá OESTE, PANAMA, April 7, 2021 / -- A Panama-based farm is fast winning over the pineapple market in Europe. Titled “Colorada Fresh Pineapples'', the farm has emerged as the leading exporter of premium pineapple fruit shipped by air to European countries. Located in Panama’s pineapple heartland, La Chorerra, the farm supplies the famous Golden Extra Sweet MD-2 pineapples.

The recent rise of Colorada Fresh Pineapples in the European markets marks a significant step as premium fruit shipped by air only represents less than 1 percent of the overall freight movements by weight. The demand for the air shipped fruit is primarily constrained by the costs, as the air cargo services can be up to 16 times the cost of transporting the goods by sea.

Interestingly, despite the pandemic mess around, Colorada Fresh has had a successful run last year. The company started shipping 2,000 kilos of premium pineapples per week last year during the pandemic and is now shipping over 6,000 kilos per week, every week.

“We are thrilled with our successful operation last year, even during the pandemic situation. We started sending our Golden Extra Sweet pineapples by air to Italy, among other European countries, since September of 2020 and have successfully been able to tap into niche markets in Italy by now”, stated Juan Carlos, chief agricultural engineer, MD-2 pineapple specialist and the man behind Colorada Fresh Pineapples.

“We assure you the best MD-2 pineapples in Latin America and every fruit we produce is a fruit of our passion and hard work. We also follow advanced harvesting, crop car management and erosion management techniques to maintain the world-class standard of our pineapples.”

A favorite in the international fruit markets, the MD-2 Pineapple is famous for its amazing organoleptic (superb smell and taste) characteristics, excellent carbohydrate intake as well as presence of an enzyme that helps in easy digestion of protein. Moreover, the fruit is infused with high vitamin contents (Vitamin C, B vitamins), water, sugars and good fiber.

Additionally, the Golden Extra Sweet fruit produced by the Panama farm has stolen the show with its looks too. The MD-2 variant appears to be more pleasing aesthetically in comparison to other variants like Smooth Cayenne. The MD-2 variant stands out with its rich yellow share and its fine square shape makes it easier to transport and display.

“Due to the unique climate conditions in Panama, our pineapples are sweeter with a higher brix level. They are anyday better tasting with overall better quality than the fruit produced in other countries. These amazing qualities have brought our locally grown fruit at the forefront on the international pineapple market, leading to a rising demand in Italy, as well as other European countries. Moreover, Panama’s weather allows us to produce the fruit year-round which again helps us to ensure a steady supply of the fruit in the European markets”, explained Carlos.

Speaking on, the MD-2 pineapple specialist stressed on the scarcity of the sought-after pineapple variant in the European scene which is a major factor behind the increasing demand for the import of the fruit for the European markets.

Colorada Fresh Pineapples has not only continued operating last year but even doubled in size during the pandemic. It further helped Carlos and his team to supply much needed vitamin C rich fruit to the Italian marketplace during these challenging times.

“Our farm is strategically located in close proximity to Pacific and Atlantic ports which further offers us easy and fast access to both international outlets so that we can assure speedy and fresh delivery.”

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