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TicketBust Discusses Trial by Written Declaration vs In Person Trial in Latest Post

TicketBust Traffic Ticket Dismissal Service

TicketBust talks leading method to get a moving violation off driving record in California.

LOS ANGELES , CA, USA, May 4, 2021 / -- In a recent article, TicketBust, California’s original ticket dismissal service, weighs in on the best approach to getting a traffic ticket dismissed in California. According to them, it is common for California drivers to underestimate the repercussions of receiving a traffic ticket. Traffic tickets come with heavy fines and cause insurance rates to skyrocket. This can be a significant inconvenience as many don’t budget for the need to pay hundreds of dollars in traffic ticket fines and higher insurance premiums. Therefore, many drivers choose to fight their traffic tickets either by court or a trial by written declaration.

Contesting In Court
If a driver disagrees with the ticket, they have the option to go to court and fight the ticket in-person or hire a lawyer to do so for them. There is a court date listed on the ticket and they can go to court with or without their lawyer and speak in front of a traffic court judge. This means they will need to know what their defense is and explain clearly why they shouldn’t have got the ticket in the first place. If the judge rules in their favor, the ticket could be reduced or dismissed. However, there is no guarantee that the judge will dismiss or lower a traffic ticket. If they are in the court and lose, then they will still have to pay the ticket fine, increased insurance rates, court fee and maybe also lawyer costs.

A Trial by Written Declaration
A trial by written declaration is a way to fight a traffic ticket through writing instead of in-person trial. This is the easiest and best way to get a traffic ticket dismissed. For the trial by written declaration, a driver must use the TR-205 court form, and fill out the necessary information such as name, citation number and address. Additionally, they must submit the form along with an explanation of what happened and why the ticket should be dismissed, this is their defense. If the ticket is dismissed, there will be no fines, no points and no court.

Why Choose a Trial by Written Declaration
A trial by written declaration is the most effective option to get a moving violation off your driving record. Here is why:

- The judge reads written defenses in the privacy of his chambers instead of in the noisy, busy courtroom. Meaning they are often in a better mood and not influenced by the other cases they are overseeing. A judge during an in-person trial may feel they need to make an example of the driver by denying any request to reduce or dismiss the traffic ticket.

- Unlike appearing in court, a police officer is not incentivized to do written paperwork. Therefore, it is a higher chance the officer will not fill out the paperwork required for a written declaration or do a bad job replying to the Trial by Written Declaration. If this is the case then the ticket will be dismissed.

- Drivers get more than one chance to get a ticket dismissed. If you decide to fight your ticket through a trial by written declaration and it is unsuccessful, they can still file for a new trial or go to traffic school. But go to court and that is it. Whatever the judge decides in the courtroom is the ruling.

TicketBust Services
TicketBust has helped tens of thousands of California drivers get a moving violation dismissed using the trial by written declaration method. Their defense system builds a case for you in writing. All you have to do is tell us what happened, download the documents and send them to court. Get started here.

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