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Using the most modern technologies - AI, blockchain and Big Data, we will radically change the logistics of agriculture and fisheries!

Fukuoka-shi, April 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Release Project is a social commerce service that combines social networking (SNS) and e-commerce (shopping) for 3 years. Focusing on agriculture and fishing and planning to make it more accessible to producers and consumers, we have launched an online food market «Release Commerce Service». However, more than 70% of global producers of agricultural and fish products do not have the knowledge - how to display and sell their own vegetables, fruits and harvested seafood on the online market (e-commerce), and only some manufacturers have great opportunities. Release Project is working on developing a platform that uses cutting-edge technology to allow more manufacturers to automatically display and sell food online easily, just by taking a photo from a smartphone.

About the Release Social Commerce (e-commerce)

Release Commerce, which is currently being developed, uses AI, blockchain, big data and unique smart contracts to take photos of food products from smartphones, such as fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood collected by farmers and fishermen (producers). Identify production locations using location information. Extract information from AI and big data and create an online marketplace. Automatic entry and automatic listing and sale in the e-commerce listing form. Notification of the nearest courier who has previously registered in their own app (app) when selling food (automatic pickup). Product tracking function via blockchain. Food is delivered to the consumer. Payment system between the manufacturer and the consumer. The issue of its own smart contract (this contract will be carried out by automated) and escrow service, (providing a secure exchange of prices and goods). Using these platforms, agriculture and fisheries (producer) can easily sell food online, and consumers can buy fresh, delicious food at a cheaper price and safer way. We can even slightly reduce the removal of food waste from the earth. Release Project is committed to the "SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)".

About the Release Social Media (SNS)

Release Social Media, which is already in beta, allows people around the world to earn REL points (advertising revenue) based on the number of views by users, publishing wonderful sights and lifestyle in their home country in the form of simple news, and the points can be exchanged for money used for Release commerce and other shopping sites. You can also use it as a tool to help you get the most out of your life. REL points can also be exchanged for a REL token - crypto assets issued by Release Project for distribution purposes, and can be sent to the 3 crypto exchanges -  HotbitCoinsbitAzbitUniswap, where currently REL is listed and used for trading. Social media is also a platform for supporting the poverty of more people in developing countries.

Ending note

The Release Social Commerce, which combines social networks (SNS) and e-commerce (shopping) is built using advanced technologies, will make the people’s lives around the world richer and more comfortable.

Release is a 100-year project. We would like to expand our business globally by enhancing product categories and functions. We are trying to open a big door.

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