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'Business Philosopher' Seth Godin's Blog from September 2006 - One Shot Design

The importance of design, innovation and the robustness of requirement is entirely dependent on product use, application and raison d'être...

Fire extinguishers, for example, pretty much need to work right away, and the user doesn’t have a lot of selection.*”
— Seth Godin
Most design gets a chance to evolve. If you don’t like this can opener, you can buy that one. If you are unfamiliar with how this widget works, you can learn. If an Ad' doesn’t get response, it can be redesigned and the advertiser can try again.

But some design only gets to be used once. And if it fails, there’s a significant cost. Fire extinguishers, for example, pretty much need to work right away, and the user doesn’t have a lot of selection.*

My suggestion: I think if it’s important to certify engineers (who build bridges) or pilots (who fly planes), perhaps there should be a certification process for designers who design things that we only get to use once–and that matter.

Seth Godin Blog - SEPTEMBER 12, 2006

*Firexo have announced their Product Innovation Award Winner for the third year running, and hold the 'ONE SHOT DESIGN philosophy at the heart of their mission. Fire Extinguishers have a single use requirement and have the ability to save lives when doing so. Taking this concept further, they have produced a 'single solution' able to extinguish 'ALL Fire Types', and in doing so have removed the confusion caused by either not knowing which extinguisher should be used under what circumstances or panic caused in an emergency situation. As seen on BBC - this incredible innovation bodes the question - "Why has no one done this sooner? ...and isn't that a recurring theme for the simplest most effective inventions!?

Most recently Firexo's ability to successfully extinguish Lithium-ion battery fires whilst making great headway in the attempt to create a solution to fight Wildfires using their fx73 innovative technology.

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