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Amidst Racial Tensions, Johannesburg-based Romix Industries Gives Back, Makes History in the Process

Workers Place Romix RoadSafe Asphalt Mix on Wet Road in Rainy Conditions, Senekal, South Africa.

Workers Place Romix RoadSafe on Road in Rainy Conditions, Senekal, South Africa.

Amidst Racial Tensions, Johannesburg-based Romix Industries Gives Back, Makes History in the Process

JOHANNESBURG, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, March 23, 2021 / -- The innovative technology and products produced by Romix, Industries (Pty) Ltd (Romix), located in Johannesburg, South Africa, made history on March 18, 2021. On that date last week, Romix became the first materials producer to place asphalt on a road in the pouring rain.
The project needed to take place in the extreme weather conditions in an effort to smooth over relations and severe tension between black and white citizens in the small town of Senekal, located in the Setsoto District Municipality of the Free State Province of South Africa, in late 2020. The severity of the situation escalated after a white farmer was killed on his farm by a group of black men, and Senekal became a powder keg of racial tension. However, one group of local residents, including civil and religious leaders, decided that instead of resorting to more violence, they would have a braai (the local word for a barbeque) and work to restore their quaint town with a self-coined, “Servo-lution.” Their form of protest against the escalating situation would be unique: the filling of potholes and beautification of local venues and gardens.
Two heroes have emerged to help the budget-strapped citizens: Maliepo Roads, based in Bloemfontein, and Romix. Maliepo contributed equipment, while Romix offered its unique and innovative line of soil-stabilization and paving products as well as engineering services--all free of charge.
When laying hot asphalt, bone-dry conditions are necessary, and ambient temperatures should not be above 60° F (15°C). With Romix’s RoadSafe asphalt and pothole filler, asphalt can be laid in freezing and wet weather. Local resident Frans Conje, a filmmaker and former international Cricket player and also brother of the late, great Hansie Cronje, former captain of the South African Cricket team, stated, “This road was soaking wet when we were working this morning, and it’s looking absolutely beautiful.”
The base of the 200 meter road section was first stabilized with Romix’s eco-friendly and water-based polymer blend, SoilFix, using the existing or insitu soil, then primed and asphalted with the all-weather RoadSafe enhanced asphalt. “This is a truly groundbreaking moment for all of us,” said Tim Hicks, CEO of Romix North America. “We at Romix already knew what RoadSafe could do, but seeing it done for these great people is nevertheless spectacular. Our SoilFix product already is capable of making ordinary soil as hard as a brick. We save people money and build a superior quality road to what is out there using traditional methods. Now, we have proved that we can continue the savings--come rain, snow or perfect weather. That is truly innovative and good news for a lot of people.”
Romix is showing that sometimes giving back makes a better world in more ways than one.
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About Romix South Africa (Pty) Ltd.: Formed by Pieter Prinsloo in 1996, Romix South Africa introduced the first “mix-in” solution for polymer technology in road building. Romix products are designed polymers that bind soil particles together, resist water better than cement or lime, are more flexible and less prone to cracking, are environmentally friendly and cost less while getting the job done faster. With 60 field tests in over 20 countries and over 150 completed projects worldwide, Romix products have proven their superiority time after time, offering a solution to building less expensive roads that last longer and require less maintenance.
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